Do you know that bees are important for a safe environment and human survival? Yes, you can be content with the declining population because they no longer sting you, but their survival is important. You should be aware that bees pollinate between 75% to 85% of the food crops consumed by humans.

Another explanation for the habitat’s disappearance is that they do not get enough food. Their food supply chain is seriously harmed as a result of pesticides applied to the crops. If you want to support bees, creating a bee-friendly garden with plenty of nectar would be the ideal approach.

If you’re going to create a bee garden, make sure you stay away from any pesticides, as bees are vulnerable to them. Use organic, natural fertilizers so they won’t damage your garden’s best hosts. Colorful flowers, such as purple, violet, pink, and blue, attract bees. There, you can buy those flowers online or from a local nursery.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 flowers that can help you create a beautiful bee garden to help you better understand flowers for attracting bees.

1. Bee Balm

This is a favourite herb of not only bees but also hummingbirds and butterflies. Bee balm offers aromatherapy for its scent and its leaves can be used to make tea as it blooms in the spring. This plant consistently reseeds, and bees are constantly attracted to it. Now flower delivery in hyderabad is available you can send these flowers to your near and dear friends and make them feel amazing.

2. Lavender

When lavender blooms, it draws bees like a magnet. Deer and rabbits ignore this herb, but bees are drawn to its scent. This plant needs well-drained soil and direct sunlight to thrive. Its soft silvery leaves add a stunning touch to your winter garden. Lavender is a prolific plant, so you can use any of its branches to decorate your home while also leaving enough for bees.

3. Crocus

Squirrels leave crocus alone, which means these plants are only for bees and are not affected. Grow these plants in large quantities and have a greater effect on the bees and the garden. They can be grown incomplete or partial sun and will thrive. They are the first to flower and give nectar to the bees.

4. Borage

With its unusual form and colour, this drought-tolerant plant stands out in your backyard. Borage is a star-shaped plant that grows several seedlings, ensuring its longevity. The cucumber-flavored leaves of this plant can also be consumed fresh, sauteed, or steamed. Borage attracts bees because it allows them to hide in the leaves. Now flower delivery in Patna is available you can send these flowers to your near and dear friends and make them feel amazing.

Beautiful Flowers

5. Black-eyed Susan

If you’re looking for a honey bee-friendly rose, black-eyed Susan is a great pick. Bees are attracted to this happy addition because of its bright yellow colour and brown-centered flowers, which bees love sucking nectar from. It will survive for many years without needing to be replanted. Take pleasure in its appearance in your hive garden and observe how beneficial it is to bees.

6. Foxglove

This plant is ideal for you if you have a shady spot with moist soil. Grow them for two years straight to see if they reseed and keep them going for years. In the late spring and early summer, this bell-shaped plant contributes to the charm of the garden. Take pleasure in every moment when the bees are buzzing around Foxglove.

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7. Chives

Chives are early bloomers, so they can supply bees with the first nectar since their winter hibernation. These plants are simple to cultivate, and the herbs they produce are tasty enough to eat. Chives are one of the better options for gardeners because they can flourish in any area.

8. Coneflower

Bees are attracted to coneflower, which is one of their favourite flowers. It blooms for a longer period of time, from mid-summer to autumn, providing nectar to bees for a longer period of time. Bees are attracted to this wildflower because they forage for pollen provided by plants.

9. Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth resembles tiny bulbs that add beauty to your garden with their blue colour and scent, as well as attracting bees naturally. It gets its name from the fact that it resembles grapes and contains sweet nectar and pollen for bees. These tiny blue blooms are widely regarded as one of the most beautiful plants on the planet. Now flower delivery in Lucknow is available you can send these flowers to your near and dear friends and make them feel amazing.

10. Salvia

One of the most appealing aspects of Salvia is that it comes in a variety of colours, including yellow, blue, and red, making it simple to choose which one is better for your garden. Salvia, whether perennial or annual, attracts bees and benefits them as well as your garden.

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