Starting an eCommerce store is never easy, especially when you already have different businesses ahead of you. Fortunately, you have the chance to climb the ranks and hopefully surpass them through the power of advertising. But if you want an advertising technique that can produce excellent results without spending too much money, you should consider SEO. 

Anyone can start doing SEO for their business as long as you have or hire people that have experience in SEO. Although, some businesses tend to not achieve excellent SEO results because of the different myths surrounding it, and it is also why they never hire an eCommerce SEO agency to assist them. If you want to understand SEO better, knowing about the different myths looming over it would be ideal. 

1. More Keywords is Always Better

When you have a website that puts out daily content, you should know how to utilise keywords if you want it to rank high in search engines. One myth revolves around keywords: people think you need to add tons of them into your content so that users can find you faster. That is simply not true because you can still achieve a high search engine rank when you use one or two keywords in your content. 

Note that placing too many unnecessary keywords into your content can cause your search engine rankings to decrease, and you do not want that to happen to your business. In some cases, search engines like Google might also think you are using black hat SEO techniques, which websites use to improve their rankings that violate their guidelines. If you want to find keywords effectively, you should always hire an eCommerce SEO agency. 

2. You Do Not Need Quality Content

Businesses will often look for professional content writers who can create high-quality website content to improve SEO. However, some writers tend not to create great pieces of content because they tend to focus more on keywords than the content itself. Remember that you cannot call it high-quality work if you do not have the critical elements included. 

Back then, it was acceptable for websites to focus on including high-volume keywords in the content without aiming for overall quality. Nowadays, search engines can now detect whether you created high-quality content or not. When writing content for SEO, a good tip is always to write factual information and focus on content readability. 

3. You Can Create Keywords By Yourself

When writing content, you would quickly come up with made-up keywords thinking that people would search for you if you were in their shoes. However, you can find that creating keywords out of the blue is never viable because you will never know if users search for that keyword. 

That is why keyword researching is essential to know what keywords your target audience uses all the time. When you find high-volume keywords, you have to include them in your content and write them as natural sounding as possible. If you want to boost your SEO further, you should also check for additional keywords to help you rank for supplementary searches. 

With the many myths surrounding SEO, you should always keep yourself informed if they are true or not. Learning SEO is never a walk in the park, so you have to keep searching for myths and find the truth behind them if you want your business to succeed. 

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