The video streaming industry is mushrooming. According to many experts and researchers, it will keep growing and expanding. Companies and organizations recognize the potential of OTT/IPTV video streaming services and create their own. One appreciates the revenue they can generate, and the other avail the possibility to reach people worldwide. 

Before starting to operate, you should obtain the hardware and software necessary for video streaming. The market offers many OTT/IPTV solutions with various functionalities for different purposes. Some developers focus on interactivity, while others concentrate on security, and so on. You will need to research thoroughly to find a solution for your business goals. 

However, we recommend you acquire a complete OTT solution like Setplex’s one. The end-to-end infrastructure allows you to scale and improve your service step-by-step.

The solution that will help you succeed should have particular features and elements. Let’s give them a closer look.

Four Features of the Best OTT Streaming Service

Here’s a list of features that the best OTT/IPTV streaming solution should have:

#1 Encoding/transcoding 

OTT server software is necessary for the process of video delivery. IPTV encoder takes an uncompressed video file from a digital device and transforms it so that the file is transferable through the Internet.  

The encoding process includes converting a video file into formats that platforms and devices support and compressing it to a more manageable size and quality. 

Encoded videos are usually stored on servers from where they are delivered to viewers’ devices. 

#2 OTT middleware

OTT middleware is what will help you manage your video streaming service. It unites all the elements of video delivery together so that they exchange data. With the help of OTT middleware, you configure the interface, delivery logic, and billing and manage content and subscribers. 

It usually has multiple features to simplify the whole process. The necessary functions are analytics, monetization, customization, content management, and customer management. 

These functions are essential for a business as a content provider will be able to customize the service, generate revenue through videos, and extract OTT data analytics to enhance your service. 

#3 Multi-platform support

Applications are a crucial part of video streaming for viewers. The ability to stream videos on any device they want provides people with flexibility and convenience. 

Firstly, they can watch content on any device they want: smartphones, tablets, computers, and Smart TVs. Secondly, viewers don’t need to buy an additional device to watch your content, as occurs with traditional television. Viewers have a range of devices and can select the one with which they are more comfortable. 

Furthermore, multi-platform capabilities allow customers to watch videos however they want. For example, they can start viewing a show on a Smart TV and keep watching on a smartphone. 

#4 CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) ensures a smooth content delivery and perfect user experience. Due to it, people use your video streaming service without interruptions. 

OTT CDN distributes videos across all servers. When a viewer requests a video to play, it is transmitted not from the origin server but from the one that is located closer to the viewer. As a result, content is delivered faster and with low latencies, and a customer gets a seamless experience.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right OTT solution for video streaming is a paramount task. The way you will operate half depends on the solution you obtain and its functionality. Also, scaling and improving opportunities can be limited if you choose a solution that doesn’t maintain such possibilities. 

For a smooth operation, a video streaming business needs hardware and software with particular functionality. Check if a solution has encoding, customization, analytics, applications, monetization, content and customer management.  

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