What movie should I watch next? We all have asked the same questions in our minds, and for the next fifteen minutes, we start scrolling on the streaming services providers like “Netflix, iflix, and others” and going through each specific menu and getting overwhelmed by the continuously shifting of trends.

Each streaming service provider has a vast record of movies combined with its unique recommendation algorithms, making finding something to watch it feel like a task rather than a way to relax. What you guys really need are good movies and not the best film. We are here to help you guys and end all the suffering from choosing paralysis; we noted down your options to five of our favorite movies on the streaming platforms. 

Movies Too Watch

Here are the best five movies to watch in 2021.

1. Baahubali: The Beginning

This is an Indian epic action film which was directed by “S.S Rajamouli,” and the film was produced by “Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni” they both were under “Arka Media Works” this film was considered the most expensive during the time of its release. The beginning of the film records the life of Shivudu, an adventurer with superhuman strength who escapes his provincial life by scaling a skyscraper-sized waterfall, he aides and fallen in love with a rebel warrior named “Avanthika” then they team with her to rescue a kidnaped queen from an evil emperor.

The film’s Total budget was “25 million USD” the film opened worldwide on July 10th, 2015, along with the dubbed version of Hindi and Malaysian. The film made a record-breaking box office success with a worldwide box office gross of “84 million USD” it became the highest-grossing film in India, the Third highest-grossing Indian film worldwide, and the highest-grossing South Indian Film. If you are watching Baahubali on Zee5 anywhere outside USA you might face some geo-restrictions and thus you will need a VPN.

2. Burning

This is a South Korean film which was CO-written, Produced, and Directed by “Lee Chang-Dong” and the film was based on the story “Barn Burning” the film unfolds at an extremely annoying way deliberate pace as Lee tangles with class, country, and everything in between turning a three-way relationship into a seed of mystery thriller with a conclusion that could be interpreted in a million different ways and a stunning performance from the three leads particularly Yeun who proves utterly unreadable its a film that’s impossible to shake. 

3. Children Of The Sea

It is a Japanese animated film directed by Ayumu Watanabe, and it was produced by Eriko Tanaka, and the animation was produced by Studio 4C. The film was based on the manga of the same title by Daisuke Igarashi, who also wrote the film’s Screenplay. Watanabe’s first released film since “Space Brother 0,” and it was the first animated film adapted into Igarashi manga.

The film stars Mana Ashida, Hiro Ishibashi, and Seishu Uragami. It was set by the ocean and themed on the mystery of life. It differentiates the connection between humans and nature; it was released in Japan on June 7, 2019. You can 

4. Crimson Peak 

This is a gothic romance film which was directed by “Guillermo Del Toro,” and the film was written by “Del Toro and Mathew Robbins” the Stars in the movie are “Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam and Jim Beaver” the story sets in a Victorian-era England which follow and aspiring author who travels to a remote Gothic mansion in the English hills with her new husband and his sister. There she must break the mystery behind the ghostly visions that haunt her new home. 

The crimson peak was premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 25, 2015, and was released in the US on October 16, 2015, in standard and IMAX formats; the film generally received a positive review from the viewers, with many praising the productions values, performance, and directions but criticized the plot and character the film had grossed over seventy-four million dollars worldwide and the total budget of the film was fifty-five million dollars. You can watch this movie on KissMovies website or on TodayTVSeries2 for free.

5. DA 5 Bloods

This is an American war drama film which was directed, produced and co-written by “Spike Lee” the stars in the movie are “Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Norm Lewis, Isaiah Whitlock Jr, Melanie Thierry, Paul Walter, Hauser Jasper Paakkonen, Jean Reno and Chadwick Boseman” the film story follows a group of four aging Vietnam war veterans who returned to the country and they are in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader as well as the treasure they buried while serving there.


And that’s all today; I hope you guys enjoyed the article and got some insight on the top 5 Movies of 2021, and we are sure that you guys will love the serial and rewatch it; again and again, we will come back with an exciting article next time till then goodbye. For more information on the latest sports, TV shows, movies, entertainment, finance & business world related information you can visit elitesmindset.

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