Editing videos is usually a tedious process, the video content creators will need enough time, good skills, and creativity to give the videos a professional look. The good video editing tools will make post-production easy. In this article below, you will know about five free video editing software with no watermark, learn about their features and choose the right tool that you need. 

#1. MiniTool MovieMaker (for Windows)

MiniTool MovieMaker is a completely free video editing software for Windows users to create great videos with no hassle. After exporting the video, you will not find any watermark in any part of the video. Its most popular features include:

The ready-made templates can save your video editing time.

Split/cut/trim the large videos, merge/combine footage into one file, and quickly remove the ads and unwanted parts from your video.

Apply different transition effects in between clips or at the beginning or end of a film.

Add customized text/titles/captions to your videos with no effort. 

Add background music to the video, extract audio from the original video with high quality and remove the audio track with a simple click.

Download MiniTool MovieMaker on Windows 7/8/10 computer, install the .exe installation file, launch the software, and you can get started to edit videos without watermark.

1). Click the ”Full-Feature Mode” to enter the main interface of MiniTool MovieMaker.

2). Hit on the gray ”Import Media Files” icon on the left side to import some video files from your local computer, when the files are imported successfully, drag and drop them to the timeline at the lower part of the interface.


3). Now you can use your creativity and imagination to make your video look more professional. You could trim the video, rearrange the sequence of your video clips, apply appropriate transition effects in between clips, add text to make the video easy to understand, change video brightness, add background music of the video to arouse the viewers’ emotion, and more. 

4). Preview the video content in the playback window, do some modifications, at last, export the video file as MKV, .MP4, .MOV, .MPEG2, .WebM, .AVI, .WMV, and .TS file. 

MiniTool MovieMaker has a wealth of video editing features, for instance, reverse videos, accelerate/slow down the video, make an animated GIF from a short video, create slideshows with images and music, etc. 

On one hand, it is time-consuming to learn how to master the top-level video editing programs, on the other hand, many free video editing tools either watermarking issue or only offer limited features. If you are looking for a fast, high-quality, free video editor with no watermark, give MiniTool MovieMaker a try.

#2. VSDC Free Video Editor ( Windows version)

The non-linear free video editor, VSDC Free Video Editor has been available for many years on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 /8 /10. Whether you are a YouTube user, marketer, student, teacher, or video editing amateur, you can download this free video editing software with no watermark to do editing tasks.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC free editor supports tons of video codecs.

You can use plenty of objects and video filters, color correction options to give your videos a new look.

VSDC helps you editor videos and directly publish them to the main social networking sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and so on.

Even users with little or no prior experience of video editing can quickly get used to this free video editor without watermark, thanks to the drag-and-drop operation and easy-to-understand instructions. If you have advanced video editing skills, you can choose the Pro version of VSDC, which costs $19.99 (annual edition).   

#3. OpenShot (Windows)

If you searched “free video editing software no watermark download” on the search engines in the past, you should have noticed OpenShot from the first 5 pages of the search results.


The compatible operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OS X (above 10.9), and Linux (most distributions are supported).

This desktop video tool has a straightforward, smooth interface, and you can redistribute or modify it to suit your needs.

Openshot video editing software can recognize a lot of mainstream videos and audio formats.

Openshot even offers you an unlimited number of animation possibilities and keyframes, which are especially useful for advanced users.

You could create separate layers for each video track & audio track.

Apart from the above, you can find many other advanced editing features in Openshot, like the 3D animation tools and chroma key function. Some novice users might feel stressed when they use the software for the first time because the software gives them too much information. In my recent test, I notice that it does not run very steadily on the old Windows computer. But on the whole, this free video editing tool a great choice for those who have relatively high-end computers to churn out professional video content. 

#4. Shotcut (cross-platform software)

Shotcut is a free video editing software with no watermark that can run on Win/Mac/Linux platform. The good thing is that it does not have a steep learning curve, as such, if you have a desire to learn, you can quickly learn how to edit professional-looking videos.


The operating systems that Shotcut supports include 64-bit Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 – 10.15, or 64-bit Linux (at least Glibc 2.27).

This open-source, free video editing tool accepts hundreds of videos/audio file formats.

The detailed FAQs and tutorials on the official forum can help you solve problems and get started.

It’s safe to say that Shotcut is an entry-level, free video editor geared towards users of all skill levels. At the first sight, the software design looks old-school. But after using it a couple of times, you will find the entire video editing process simple. Even novice users can use this video editor without watermark to apply visual effects, extract audio from video, cut large videos, and more. 

#5. Lightworks (cross-platform software)

Lightworks is a good software for professional and semi-pro users who have experience in film editing. Compared with the Pro edition, the free trial edition of Lightworks offers only limited features, but it will not add a watermark to your video projects.

Lightworks (cross-platform software)

Lightworks software can work on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

There is a ton of effects you can use to make your videos look cool.

Offers fast speed for background import, rendering, and export.

The free version of Lightworks only offers limited options for exporting video, sometimes you need to use FFmpeg.

Text effects for title animations still need improvement.

After using this free video editor without a watermark for a few weeks, you can edit videos proficiently and achieve film-level processing effects. Although the free edition only allows you to export and save your video as MP4 (maximally 720P resolution), you can export the video directly to YouTube or Vimeo. 

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