Massachusetts is one of 50 states in the United States and is home to some of the finest education centers. It is located on the North-East corner of the USA and is oceanside on its east. It is one of the fastest-growing states of the USA in terms of population settlement, education, employment opportunities, and business opportunities as well. 

For those of us wanting to buy a property and settle down in Massachusetts, Newton can serve to be one of the best options. There are up-and-coming settlements that prove to be the best places to live in Newton with some of the best-featured homes, friendly and safe neighborhoods, and some of the best schools in the state as well. Newton is situated aptly right around Boston which makes it an incredible place to settle down as well.

About Newton, MA

Newton is around 25 mins of a drive from downtown Boston and is situated a reasonable distance away from the main city. It is geographically placed right in the center of 7 hills that make up the terrain of Newton making the weather here quite an easy one as well. 

A small, up-and-coming neighborhood right next to the megacity of Boston, Newton proves to be one of the best places for investing around this time, especially for those who have been looking at good neighborhoods to settle down in. There are friendly, safe, and welcoming neighborhoods that make some of the best places to live in Newton for those who have families with kids and the elderly. 

Reasons to Invest and Live in Newton

Below are some of the best reasons that one can consider when choosing to invest and live in Newton city of Massachusetts:

1. Geographical Location

One of the best things about Newton is the fact that the suburban city is right around Boston, a mere 20 mins drive away and 7miles from Downtown Boston. This is especially great for those who have kids going to school or college from Newton, working men, and women with jobs in the megacity of Boston that employs thousands of people.

2. School District

Newton is also one of the best school districts in the county with around 10 to 15 schools catering to all age groups, Elementary, Middle, and high school. The schools are rated between 7 and 10 which is a good score for schools in the USA. The city also has the Boston college for those who graduate from High School

3. Lowest Crime Index

The crime index for Newton is 31, which is way below the nation’s average, making it one of the best and the safest cities to live in. It is especially great for single women and for families with kids. There are all kinds of amenities in terms of safety and protection for all neighbourhoods within the city as well

4. Relatable Population Spread

The population spread of Newton is quite young with a median of 41 years of age. 41% of the population consists of baby boomers while 21% of the population are millennials. There are 55% married and 34% single people in Newton which makes it a wonderful young crowd

5. Real Estate

There are many good neighborhoods in Newton which make up most of this suburban city. Most people, about 72% of the population are homeowners, which means that there is a good amount of investment in terms of real estate in the city. 

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