Creating a website requires a huge amount of focus on various tasks equally and this makes it a really complex task. But when Ecommerce Websites are taken into consideration these challenges even increase. In this piece, we shall discuss the most crucial topics that require your focus while building an e-commerce website. 

What is an Ecommerce website?

Ecommerce websites refer to electronic commerce or commerce on the internet. It refers to buying or selling goods or services by using the internet as a model. The Internet remains the platform to carry out the transfer of money or data. Few e-commerce websites include Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Printshop by Designhill and many more. 

Businesses on eCommerce websites can include almost every product or service that is available in the market like furniture, tools, T-shirts, clothes, makeup, or even eatables. 

Ecommerce websites bring huge money but it is never too easy. There are a lot of things other than products and working on the sale of products in order to achieve success in this field. Some of those things include focussing on website presentation, its optimization, guest checkouts, and more. 

Ecommerce website considerations- 

Few important considerations have been listed below that must be taken care of. 

Responsive Design

Usage of mobile phones for searching is growing exponentially in today’s world. People prefer using their smartphones to conduct fast and easy searches rather than operating other devices for the same. 

Searches reveal that by the end of 2018, mobiles were the main device that generated the highest share of revenue in UK online retail. 

So, if you are wishing to make your ecommerce website accessible to the highest possible number of people then you must focus on mobile users. Optimize your website so that it is easy to use on every device. Whatever device is used, the experience of your viewers must be perfect. Keep mobile users in mind while designing every feature like searching, payment, or check out. To get inspiration to design your site you can explore other eCommerce website design templates. It also helps you to add new features to your store!

Episerver CMS is a great tool to implement responsive website design automatically to your site. Although other CMS platforms also serve the purpose of utilizing responsive design they demand extra configuration.  

Guest Checkouts

Support Guest Checkouts to give your audience a better and comfortable experience. Generally, eCommerce websites demand the setting up of an account to continue the process of purchasing online. This process brings various benefits along. 

When a person makes an account and purchases something, information of the customer can be stored for follow-up communication. This encourages sales in the future also. In addition to this, customer’s demographic information can help in analyzing sales. 

Platforms like Newtechniqueinfo help businesses to comprehensive social media marketing. Making an account attracts customers, finding target audiences, and can make them your regular ones. It brings benefits like saving information for future use. Deliberately showing certain types of products that your audience seems to buy often or posting upcoming sales is also one of its benefits. 

Online activity is hiking up a lot these days and people requiring signing up for access. But no one wants to sign up for yet another website unless it brings benefit. Also, It is crucial to understand that not everyone desires to create an account to purchase products. You can also try digital marketing for ecommerce business to get higher online visibility.

Try to encourage your viewers to make an account on your eCommerce website. You can try generating a Guest Checkout and when it is completed ask your users to make an account with the same information. In this manner, you can slip your customers into signing up. 

Site Performance 

Optimization of Site Performance 

Slow loading on site tends to wither away your potential audience. Researchers have concluded that site users abandon those sites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, slow loading can be a serious threat to the growth and success of your website.  

Mobile users are increasing nowadays by multiple folds. While using mobile for searching on sites, people generally multitask. They are likely to close or choose another site for the same purpose if it will take time to load.

So here are a few ways to optimize your Site Performance-

  • Combine a website’s Javascript or CSS resource files into simpler files to decrease the time of loading. This will increase the speed of interaction with the site. Your website users will have to download only 1 file of Java script except for around 10 java scripts or style scripts. 
  • Focus on compressing images. Achieve the best visuals in small sizes. This will decrease the time taken for loading. 
  • Time taken to send data between the web server and database server can be reduced by caching.

Search On Site

Searching on site is also a component that needs to be focused upon. It is found that 30% of people search to find the products and end up making a purchase. 

Therefore, making the search bar easy to use and accessible can help in increasing sales to a certain extent. Try to use features like autocomplete. This will show popular brands or products related to the searches made. 

Faceted search is a great tool to find products. It helps in listing out products so that required items become easily available and also, it saves a lot of time. It narrows down the search in various parameters like brand, colour, size, or price range. 

Product information should be properly mentioned and organized. Faceted search and relatable search results can ensure greater sales on your eCommerce website. You can split test your layouts to determine the best areas to place product information.

Here are some info placement recommendations to improve user search on your eCommerce website:

  • Clearly Display Product Prices: Many online retail stores display product prices near the product title, add-to-cart button, or any call to action. Some stores show the prices multiple times near these important elements. Whatever your price placement is, you should aim to create a call-to-action component, including all information shoppers need to take to move toward making a purchase.
  • Highlight Product Discounts: Be clear with the discount and sale price to improve your sales. Include all relevant product discount information such as the price the customer will pay, the item’s regular price, and the percentage of discount being offered. It’s also a good idea to show when the price will expire and financing options available.
  • Offer Shipping Estimates: Shipping is an essential part of the listing for many customers. When designing or redesigning your product page, you might want to consider providing an on-page shipping estimate.


Ecommerce websites are susceptible to cybersecurity attacks. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in more advanced cybersecurity measures, such as using a fraud prevention app. For instance, a Shopify fraud prevention app can automatically cancel high-risk orders, which helps prevent cyber fraud.

Another important cybersecurity measure is to comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. About 40% of eCommerce websites that are successful in this field follow PCI standards. Security is highly required to meet PCI compliance for any type of business that accepts credit card payments.  

You must support SSL to encrypt information that must be kept secure. This is crucial for credit card and payment information. Not only this, address, phone number or other personal details should also be handled carefully. While online shopping, personal information cannot be compromised at any cost. Here, SSL becomes very important to keep data secure. Customers should be allowed to use Paytm, Google pay, Mastercard, or Visacard for online payments. 

These important details must not be stored in the database. Some may think that saving data on servers is normal but actually it invites serious risks.

If anyhow the database is compromised, you will be held accountable for the loss.

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