Anyone who’s ever been unemployed or stuck in a toxic workplace will tell you that the process of looking for jobs is beyond unbearable. Filling out countless forms, sending hundreds of emails, only to hear back from a fraction of the recipients. 

From the few interview calls you get, it is usually only one or two places, if any, concluding with an offer. 

There are many reasons for not getting an interview call or an offer. You may be underqualified or overqualified for the position, you may not have the necessary qualifications or experience, or there may be better candidates in the market. 

On the other hand, it may be that your resume doesn’t accurately reflect your profile and your motivation for the role, or you may not present yourself as a good fit for the organization during an interview. 

While the first couple of reasons are purely hard luck, for the second set of reasons, the responsibility lies solely on you. As a candidate, you have to present yourself as the most viable choice for a role, and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this is easier than you can imagine. 

This article will discuss how you can use AI to hunt for and land jobs – the easier way.

AI & the Future of Jobs

We all know that AI will inevitably have a huge impact on the current job market. In fact, the tremors of the transformation shockwave have already started. However, most of us are interested in how many jobs will AI replace by 2030

We fail to realize that AI is not a demon out for our jobs but a fantastic tool that we can use to our advantage as well.  

Using AI, you can find relevant job openings, improve your profile on paper, figure out how to improve your interview skills, and do so much more. 

Let’s look at how AI is changing the job-searching process.

  • Finding Relevant Jobs

One of the biggest complaints that recruiters and hiring managers have is the large number of irrelevant profiles they receive for a role. 

When a job opening is posted online, a fair amount of information is provided about the candidate’s requirements for the position. 

While it’s always good to take a shot if you only stand short of one or two requisites, such as having three years PQE instead of 5, submitting an irrelevant profile is not a great idea. 

For instance, if you have a bachelors in marketing and communications and have two years of PQE in marketing, applying to a senior data analyst job that requires four years of PQE doesn’t make sense. 

It is almost as if you are setting yourself up for rejection.

With AI, you can find jobs that match your profile and where you would be a good fit. Of course, there will also be some effort on your part to read the job description. 

  • Creating Targeted Resumes

One thing which many job counselors recommend is tweaking your resume and cover letter for each role that you apply to. Your resume and cover letter are the first things that a recruiter or hiring manager sees and judges you on. 

You can think of them as your ticket to an interview. You increase your chances of getting an interview call by tailoring your resume to highlight specific experience and qualifications that each role needs. 

However, for most people, coming up with a decent resume itself is hard enough, and the thought of updating it before sending out every job application is enough to put them off applying to jobs altogether. 

If you can relate to this, AI should be your new best friend. AI software now has the ability to generate top-quality text. 

All you need to do is open your favorite AI platform, such as ChatGPT and enter your resume and the job description for the role you are applying for. Next, use a simple prompt such as ‘Update this resume to align with the provided job description,’ and that’s it. 

Everything else AI will do for you, and within seconds, you will have a fantastic, custom resume to submit for the role you’re interested in. 

  • Preparing for Interviews

Up till now, we’ve talked about job applications. However, for some people, the problem is slightly different. They don’t have trouble submitting effective job applications and are frequently called in for interviews. 

However, that is where the process usually ends, and the call for a second interview or an offer just doesn’t come. For these people, the problem lies at the interview stage. 

It is lesser known knowledge, but AI can be a great tool to prepare for interviews. The biggest problem with applicants is the lack of preparation. An interview is an essential part of the 360 assessment of a candidate. 

The interviewers test your knowledge, skills, personality, and capabilities. They want to see how qualified you are, how well you work with people and under pressure, and how you would fit into the organizational culture. 

Therefore, it is important to prepare for interviews, and the best way to do that today is by using AI. With the seemingly limitless knowledge that AI platforms have, you can enter a job description and ask your platform of choice to generate interview questions with effective answers. 

Another great way is to take specific items from the job description and ask AI for tips on demonstrating that quality or skill. You can also ask the platform to conduct a mock interview so you can practice.

Final Words

Searching for a job isn’t easy, but with AI, you now have a better chance of finding the job you want and receiving an offer. All you have to do is take advantage of what technology offers and then try to become a master job seeker. 

Once you get the hang of it, we guarantee the offers will start rolling in.

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