Occupational health and safety in the workplace has become a growing area of focus and concern in recent decades. With steadily increasing rates of workplace accidents and injuries, risk assessing the potential health and safety concerns pertinent to a particular workplace has become a necessity.

For many smaller workplaces, this task often falls to an employee who does not necessarily have the benefit of formal OHS training.

Here is a basic guideline to assist the smaller office or workshop in the assessment of safety.

Secure a reputable equipment provider

Regardless of business scale, a reputable and reliable service provider is a must when considering the business’s safety support and equipment needs. A supplier like https://tradefixdirect.com/ can provide a range of safety-related product.

Safety needs in the office environment

It is a common failing to underestimate the need for safety equipment and related support in the office environment. For smaller firms and organizations which operate without the benefit of a specialist health and safety representative, this is particularly the case.

First aid kits

For even the most basic office, a range of safety considerations exist. Regardless of staff numbers, perhaps one of the most obvious is the need for first aid kits. A good first aid kit should provide support for a range of contingencies, including burns and cuts, skin lesions like grazes, as well as eye dressings and treatments. Basic medication for common ailments like headaches and general pain should also be accommodated by a good first aid kit.

A range of ‘pre-assembled’ kits are readily available on the open market. Consider such factors as the number of staff members in the office and the dispersal of that personnel around the building when considering the number of kits required. A number of such kits may be required to ensure accessibility and support for all staff and potential visitors within the office complex.

Consider also the need to replace or replenish ‘shelf life’ items in the kit, such as alcohol wipes or antiseptic creams. A register may need to be considered to ensure routine inspection and replenishment takes place.

Other office safety equipment

When assessing the office with respect to safety aids, consider all areas of staff movement – walkways, corridors, and stairways. Safety items such as mats to prevent trips on things like power cords may be needed in places. Stairs may need an application of non-slip paint or abrasive surfacing to prevent falls or lost footing.

Consider emergency exits and emergency muster points and ensure appropriate signage exists to direct staff and visitors to the workplace.

Portable fire extinguishers may be required, and these are available in a range of models to cope with different fire sources – paper, electrical or chemical. A good specialist supplier can provide guidance to ensure the most appropriate extinguishers are procured.

Workshop safety needs

In addition to the considerations outlined for the office, the workshop or shop floor will likely have some further safety considerations to take into account.

Depending on business activity, worker PPE and safety clothing may be needed – eyewear, hearing protectors, dust masks, footwear, and apparel must be considered.

In addition to first aid kits, a range of spill kits may be required to cover a range of potential spills and related hazards.

A greater level of signage may likely be required, including appropriate health and equipment warnings.

Once again, a safety register will likely need to be formulated to ensure routine inspections of safety-related equipment are carried out.

Workplace illnesses, injuries, and fatalities

Statistics show that the number of annual workplace fatalities and injuries continues to grow steadily. 

When considered in this context, the potential for staff harm and the attendant problems of lost time and compensation payouts suggests that some time given to ensuring a sound workplace safety strategy is effected can only be a bonus in the longer term. Also Read about, Is it Possible to Increase Productivity? and more articles on Technos Daily. 

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