Did you know that the furniture stores industry is worth $68.9 billion in 2022?

In such a lucrative industry, it’s no surprise that consumers have a wide variety of aesthetic and functional building materials to choose from? No more just choosing between wood or metal, now there are hundreds of specific materials to choose from.

If you’re furnishing your home, it’s worth learning about each furniture material available so that you can have your dream home. That’s where our helpful guide comes into play; we’re here to explain all the most common materials used to make furniture.

If you’re wondering, “what is the best material for furniture?” read on to find out!


Cedarwood is a soft, reddish wood that originates from Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey. Its most common use is for Venetian blinds, chests, and novelty items.

Cedar is a popular choice as it’s very resistant to decay and has an aesthetic uniform texture.


Glass is one of the more modern choices for materials for furniture making. Proudly displayed in most houses in every Netflix Original, glass furniture gives an air of wealth to any home.

Many people opt for glass tables and cabinets. It is versatile as it can be bent and curved in the heating and cooling process.


Plastic is a popular choice for many types of furniture materials. It can be shaped and colored in infinite combinations and is a great budget building material.

Plastic and aluminum can go through extrusion fabrication to create customized furniture. You can learn more about custom extrusion here: https://prototechasia.com/en/custom-extrusion-common-types-of-aluminum-and-plastic-extrusion.


Oak is definitely one of the more luxurious materials for furniture. It’s more expensive than other woods as it takes so long to grow. However, the price tag is worth it.

Oak is an aesthetic material to have in the home; it is solid and heavy. Think grand oak cabinets and chests. It can also be used for flooring, desks, and more.


Steel is a shiny metal often used for kitchen furniture. It was first popularized after the invention of the Wassily Chair in 1925.

Steel is very strong, has high ductility, and is corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is trendy for its aesthetic qualities.


Plywood is an artificial wood first created during World War II to build boats and landing craft for the army. It’s made from many thin pieces of wood glued together.

Plywood is strong yet pliable. Now, it’s used in the building trade as flooring material and casing for walls. Plywood is a cheap, mass-produced building item.

Choose The Best Furniture Material For Your Home

That’s a brief guide to some of the popular furniture material types. There’s no need to settle for one material for all the furniture in your home; why not mix and match?

Each material has its place in every home, and you can have rooms worthy of an interior design catalog if you make the right choices!

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