Customer relationship management (CRM) software has been a game changer for companies that interact and conduct business with customers. CRM software platforms are data-driven tools that help companies track sales leads, cultivate customer relationships, market products and services, analyze data, enhance efficiencies, and much more. 

Well, there are CRM tools for nonprofits too. But CRM for nonprofits is more popularly known as “constituent” relationship management software because it helps nonprofits manage relationships with all types of constituents, such as donors. 

Good CRM for nonprofits helps organizations manage donations, clients, memberships, volunteers, fundraising, and much more. Let’s look at some types of organizations that benefit from nonprofit CRM:

Transitional Housing & Shelter Teams

Transitional housing and shelter organizations play a critical role in modern society. They provide a supportive and caring environment to residents in order to help them overcome their challenges, such as trauma. Residents such as at-risk children, abused women, refugees, and others rely on transitional housing to rebuild their lives. 

Managing a transitional housing and shelter system can be stressful and time-consuming. Leaders of such organizations efficiently and securely manage data for residents, caseworkers, caregivers, volunteers, and donors. Many organizations are on a budget and can’t afford to pay for expensive management tools. That’s why they rely on the best transitional housing software to deliver personalized care, streamline service delivery, and leverage outcome-based reporting to accelerate impact. 

The best tools also carry a list of features to reduce the learning curve:

  • User-friendly configuration
  • Cloud-based access for remote working
  • Unlimited free support on phone, email, and more. 
  • Free live training and periodic refreshers.  
  • Free webinars for advanced features training. 
  • Free updates to the latest releases. 

Animal Rescues 

Many animal rescues across the globe save injured or ill puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, birds, and even donkeys from unfortunate situations. Instead of government funding, they often rely on donations from charities, fundraisers, and private local donors. Managing revenue sources, volunteers, and rescue teams is a time-consuming task. Such animal rescues utilize CRM software to stay on top of their management needs without relying on spreadsheets. 


Many schools use nonprofit CRM software to improve workflow, boost efficiency, and manage donations. An example of this is a school in Kilmarnock, Virginia, called Northern Neck Montessori School. The Montessori relied on Excel spreadsheets for their entire operation until discovering CRM tools by Sumac. 

According to their Office Manager Emily May, a custom nonprofit solution with the right support services was an excellent solution for their nonprofit school, “It’s phenomenal! No question is too stupid. They’re always kind, professional, and ready to help.”


Charities that run fundraising campaigns to help people in need take advantage of CRM software with unique features like fundraising thermometers. Many charities use these simple visual tools to build momentum. Regularly updated fundraising thermometers encourage volunteers to continue working towards hitting their goals. Likewise, they encourage donors to keep giving in order to reach the next milestone. Fundraising thermometers often result in some friendly rivalry between charities, helping both generate money for important projects. 

Nonprofit CRM software is essential nowadays. All types of nonprofits use them in different ways to bolster operations.

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