The mining sector is a large and complex industry, with four different classifications – underground, surface, placer, and in-situ – that require different equipment this means that mining is an asset-intensive industry. With many enterprises of different sizes operating in the market, this means that equipment maintenance can range from an administrative headache to downright daunting.

As equipment rarely changes or is replaced within a mining company maintenance processes, while they may seem like an annoyance, is vital. But how can maintenance be done effectively? With the help of a CMMS system.

What is a CMMS system?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Software, it is a centralized platform for businesses to organize their maintenance processes. CMMS systems achieve this through streamlining the work order process and scheduling, assigning resources, and storing information such as vendor information. 

The Benefits

Reduced downtime through unforeseen breakdowns

Mining is a result-driven business that often works beyond the normal office hours most are used to, and due to the synergy of the equipment at work, a breakdown could lead to production stopping completely. 

CMMS systems easily provide employers with a platform to schedule equipment maintenance at an optimal time to ensure production does not run overtime. Preventative maintenance also results in machines operating more efficiently without breaking down.

Increased Efficiency

A good CMMS system will not only have the machines working efficiently but the employers as well. Implementing a CMMS system that can be accessed online and through a mobile phone allows employees to respond quickly to critical issues regardless of where they may be.

Maintain Health and Safety Compliance

Mining is considered a high-risk occupation therefore employee safety is of utmost importance. Machinery that has not been correctly maintained can be a safety hazard to employees and result in health and safety non-compliance, CMMS system ensures equipment is safe to handle and allows businesses to comply with occupational health and safety standards.

Provides Insight

It is impossible to recall the large amount of information relating to mining assets. CMMS systems provide a cloud-based platform to upload and accurately store all maintenance-related information such as maintenance history that can easily be accessed by employees.

With a better understanding of how CMMS systems operate and the benefits that can be derived we now understand why it is vital for mining companies.

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