The walls comprise a significant part of the space. They are 60% of the room. Their colour and appearance can completely transform your setting. In the past few years, people have fancied printed wallpapers; while that may sound like a risk, printed or coloured wallpapers can tweak the room better if it is appropriately chosen. 

Interior designers in Bangalore have emphasised a few designs more than others. This concoction has been prepared with keeping the latest trends in mind along with different aesthetics and moods. No two people like the same type of wallpaper. It is a subjective selection, and interior designers in Bangalore are mindful of that. 


Do not let wall designs intimidate you. They may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, but the most significant advantage is that you can change it in a few years if you get bored. They do not cost a substantial amount; making is cost-effective. 

  1. Wall art: Wall art does not have to be defined by paintings that are carved on the wall. One can even get creative with myriad frames scattered across the wall that either contribute to one design or different designs compliment each other. Juxtaposing colour themes will instantly liven the room. Abstract art has been a personal favourite among art buffs in the past years and undoubtedly does justice to one’s home. 
  2. Single paintings are also a great idea. Choose one giant portrait to cover the entire wall. 
  3. Accent wall: They are the epitome of all things chic and use different decorative styles to amp up your empty wall. 
  4. Fabric on the wall: A vivid tapestry on the wall is ideal for an otherwise mundane space. You can find vibrant designs from Sabyasachi’s latest collection for wallpapers. 
  5. Hang mirrors: Ditch the regular mirrors and explore the market, thrift stores, and other vintage boutiques for creative designs. 
  6. A mural or hand-painted wall covering is also a great idea. 
  7. Shelving: You could place some limited edition books on these shelves with eccentric candle designs and lamps. 
  8. Hang plates: Plate decor has been quite the phenomenon. People arbitrarily arrange plates with different motifs and prints to tweak their homes. 
  9. The market is replete with creative lamp designs that may be minimal but shape the walls to look better. 
  10. Greenery is never a bad idea: Plant it up, whether it is in pots or other sculptures. 
  11. Macrame wall art looks like a bohemian tapestry and comes in numerous shapes and sizes. 
  12. The beaded wall part looks akin to macrame, except it is more vibrant. 
  13. An oversized wall calendar can serve utility purposes and make a statement. 
  14. Add a giant chalkboard for the win: You could write positive affirmations on it, quotes, or even your everyday schedule. 
  15. Add baskets of different shapes and sizes to create a basket wall. You could choose a neutral or colorful tone. 
  16. Some people use maps that document their travels or just basic geography. It is an excellent way to fill up the wall because it also encourages people to travel. 
  17. Mount up an extensive television set. 
  18.  Shiplap paneling induces a coastal feeling and acts as a significant ornament. 
  19. You could also mount up your old bicycle on the wall. 
  20. Removable wall stickers are an easy peasy, low maintenance, and cost-effective method of tweaking one’s wall. 


These methods are tried and tested and will elevate your wall’s appearance. Also, read the Benefits of Opting for Vacate Cleaning Service.

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