A Master of Arts degree can help you develop in your field, hone your abilities, and prepare you to learn new things continuously. However, selecting this programme is a choice that needs to be made carefully, and with so many specialisations available at the MA colleges in Bhopal, it might be difficult to choose just one.

Are you in a similar circumstance where you are unsure of your choice and the various factors you should take into account before making a decision? In that case, you should read our blog, which tries to discuss a few prominent Master of Arts specialisations.

Master of Arts- Course Overview

A Master’s degree in Arts can help students to improve their subject-specific expertise, by offering a thorough understanding of the subject matter they have chosen. This programme also helps you advance your career, improve your abilities, and get ready for professional opportunities. Additionally, it will aid you if you want to work in the fields of education, human services, or journalism.

Degree Highlights

A few specifics of the academic course, as offered by the Mansarovar Global University, one of the best arts colleges in Bhopal are:

Take a look at some of the best MA specialisations 

There are several specialisations available in M.A. programmes, providing the chance to learn more in-depth information about a given topic. Additionally, because the Master of Arts is a very broad field of study, the specialisations offered at MA colleges in Bhopal are likewise very broad and are subject to drastic changes based on the programme and its fundamental components.

  • MA English

The study of concepts and subjects related to grammar and literature is covered in this course. In addition, it discusses a variety of English fiction, poems, and dramas as well as a research methodology for the English language and literature. Additionally, after completing this course, you can choose from a variety of MA English career paths, such as those as a journalist, teacher, editor, or scriptwriter, etc. 

  • MA Sociology

This programme, which is provided by the top universities in Bhopal, focuses on the study of society and its related mechanisms for society’s growth. In general, it encompasses subjects like society, religion, political and economic sociology, research and development methodologies for sociology, etc. Moreover, students can pursue higher study and are qualified to pursue an M.Phil. or Ph.D. in sociology in addition to looking for employment opportunities.

  • MA Public Administration

This postgraduate curriculum is provided by the social science departments of numerous universities throughout the nation with the primary objective of delivering thorough knowledge on the interactions between the State, Society, and Administration. These postgraduate degree holders can, however, pursue careers in the private sector and work as a marketing manager, consultant, legal counsellor, or human resource manager. Their average starting wage ranges from INR 4 to 7 LPA, and they shall further have a tonne of career prospects in the government’s administrative divisions.

  • MA Psychology

It is a highly sought-after postgraduate course where students receive in-depth explanations of the various subfields of psychology, such as clinical psychology, health psychology, industrial psychology, social psychology, psychometry, neuropsychology, the study of emotions and paradigms, etc. Additionally, the Department of Psychology is predicted to experience a 25% increase in job growth over the next few years; as a result, the MA psychology colleges in Bhopal help you to prepare for careers as mental health counsellors, supervising counsellors, directors of adoption services, etc. 

  • MA Economics

This course teaches students about several facets of economics, banking, marketing, and numerous other economics-related ideas. And, the MA Economics Syllabus also covers a wide range of subjects, including econometry, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international and financial economics, among many others. Additionally, jobs like Research Analyst, Data Analyst, and Economist are some high-profile positions for MA Economics graduates.

  • MA Social Work

With the help of this degree, people struggling with a variety of mental and physical health problems can be assisted as well as the wider society. And, the most popular topics are sociology, social psychology, social development, policy planning, labour welfare, social problems & services, medical social work, counselling, labour legislation, women & society, etc. Additionally, the Mansarovar Global University, a top private university in Bhopal, offers this programme, which is intended to enhance practical skills through Field Work activities.

Important factors to consider before choosing your MA specialisation

Important factors to consider before choosing your MA specialisation

Before choosing a field of specialty, it is imperative to carefully consider your interests and other crucial criteria given the variety of specialisations offered at the MA colleges in Bhopal. The following list includes a handful of those elements:

  • Figure Out Your Interests

You will undoubtedly shine if you are the finest in any field that exists in the world. Therefore, picking an area of specialisation at the MA colleges in Bhopal should consider your interests. Additionally, following your interests and passions is essential for success.

  • Explore The Core Reason To Study Ahead

It is important to have a clear understanding of your main goals when studying, and if you want to improve your skill set, pick a subject that naturally appeals to you. But if you desire a promotion, choose a course that is more relevant to your position.

  • Pay Close Attention To Course Guides

You must find in-depth information regarding the course requirements and curriculum used by the MA colleges in Bhopal. And, if you follow these steps, you won’t later struggle with policies that you overlooked at first.

  • Analyse The Job Opportunities In The Fields You Shortlist

Another crucial step in deciding on your area of speciality is to evaluate the available employment options.

  • Think About The Long-Term Impact of The Specialisation You Choose

The most crucial thing is to understand how the speciality will advance your career. Also, making the right choice is influenced by considering the future.

Reasons for choosing the Mansarovar Global University for your MA courses

  • The Mansarovar Global University in Bhopal offers a relevant academic curriculum that will help you become industry ready and has some of the greatest humanities and scientific faculty members in Bhopal.
  • It provides research-driven training and industrial trips to well-known businesses in your field of expertise to expose you to the real world of business.
  • To keep you informed of the most recent developments in the field, the university often hosts guest lectures and seminars.
  • Many prestigious businesses come to the college campus to hire its pupils. And, the infrastructure of this college comprises first-rate classrooms, housing, medical, and canteen facilities, among other things.

Final Thoughts

To choose among the several specialisations offered at the MA colleges in Bhopal, you must put in the same amount of effort as other postgraduate programmes. And after reading this article, we hope you are no longer confused about how to select the appropriate MA specialism. We wish you good luck for your further achievements.


  • Is the Master of Arts degree designed for career-oriented professionals?

For those who are career-driven, getting a master’s in arts is a wise move. Also, to become a true expert and attract the interest of many businesses in the sector, one must study this coveted degree in greater depth in a humanities or arts subject.

  • What exactly does an MA in history entail?

The discipline of MA in History covers a wide range of topics in both Indian and foreign history. However, the MA colleges in Bhopal follow a curriculum that teaches about ancient, mediaeval, and modern Indian history in terms of social position, culture, events, etc.

  • What is the typical course cost for an MA programme in India?

The typical tuition for MA programmes in India ranges from INR 90,000 to 2 lakhs or more. Additionally, the cost of a course can change based on where your institution is located and in what city.

  • What is a Master of Arts degree’s most significant benefit?

The biggest benefit of a Master of Arts degree is its multidisciplinary nature, which enables you to explore a variety of areas, themes, and concerns and learn how to draw links between them and extract information that can be valuable when circumstances call for it.

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