After four years of rigorous research and hands-on experience in the field, students are eligible to receive the prestigious and technical Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech) degree. And according to AICTE, around 4804 approved colleges in India provide technical education, including Btech, Mtech, and PhD programmes in different engineering areas.

Moreover, despite the popularity of Bachelor of Technology programmes in our nation, this article will serve as a reference for selecting among the appropriate specialisations provided by the numerous B Tech colleges in India.

Bachelor of Technology- Course Overview

BTech is a professional degree programme in science and technology. Nevertheless, this degree at the best engineering colleges in Gujarat puts emphasis on various skill enhancement in addition to providing knowledge in technical areas. Also, it prepares students to examine complicated problems and come up with efficient solutions. 

BTech Highlights

Degree Type  Undergraduate 
Course Duration  4 years
Minimum Academic Requirement 
  • Candidates must have received at least a 50% passing grade on their final 10+2 examination or its equivalent.
  • The applicant shall study subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Computer Science/Biology in their 12th standard.
Average Course Fee  Ranges between INR 4 to 6 LPA
Salary Offered Median Salary- 20 LPA (approx)

Highest Salary- 82 LPA (approx)

Top Recruiters  Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn, MAQ Software, etc. 


Factors to remember when choosing the best B.Tech specialisation

There is no denying that the best private engineering colleges in India provide a wide range of academic opportunities. But, selecting the best B. Tech courses can be difficult given the abundance of options. Hence, we have provided some information below that shall serve as a guide for you.

  • Career Aspirations

When selecting the best B. Tech branch, a student must first and foremost consider his or her career ambitions and desires, as further prospects are built on the shoulders of these elements.

  • Conduct good research on Career Prospects

Do a thorough study on career prospects before enrolling in a programme at any of the leading B Tech colleges in India. Each BTech specialisation shall, however, have unique employment possibilities, benefits, and drawbacks. Additionally, talking with your parents, friends, and mentors is important since it can help you decide on the best course of action.

  • Identifying Zeal and Passion

Finding your zeal and passion is always advised. Every student also has a secret skill, which is crucial to discover. Moreover, pursuing your hobbies and passions can lead to mental satisfaction along with success in the workplace.

  • Look for the best colleges/institutes

As a result of the limitless B.Tech courses and the number of colleges, some colleges shall be well-liked for a specific B.Tech course, while there are more colleges exclusively preferred for other B.Tech branches. Hence, out of all the B Tech colleges in India, you will need to pick the one that is ideal for your chosen field of study.

  • Check Placement Trends

It is important to research prior placement trends for the chosen B.Tech specialisation. To gain detailed information about placement patterns and the typical wage package for each course, you can search Google.

What are the different specialisations offered at the multiple B Tech colleges in India?

What are the different specialisations offered at the multiple B Tech colleges in India?

The B.Tech courses, as is well known, offer a variety of specialisations, and candidates can search for jobs in fields related to those specialisations. The key B.Tech courses provided by the DAIICT, however, are listed below:

  • B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology

Under this undergraduate course, students will learn about software development, data mining, image processing, networking, data communication, and testing. Moreover, a steady career chance in the world’s top strategic organisations is only one of the many advantages the course can provide, in addition to intriguing wage packages and bonuses. With this degree from one of the B Tech colleges in Gujarat, you can investigate many significant career profiles, including:

Job Profiles  Salary Ranges (in INR)
Database and System Administrator  4 to 9 LPA
Communication Engineer 3 to 9 LPA
ICT Manager 10 to 17 LPA
Analyst Programmer 2 to 7 LPA
Computer Networking Professional  3 to 7 LPA


  • B.Tech (Honours) in Information and Communication Technology with a minor in Computational Science

This course is specially created to convey to the students the information and understanding needed to build computational models to comprehend, analyse, and tackle basic issues in fields of societal concern. Furthermore, the minor in computer science programme is divided into two primary areas: theoretical understanding and actual application. Additionally, after the completion of the academic course, you will be qualified to pursue careers as a computational scientist, multimedia programmer, full stack developer, etc., and earn between 1 to 15 LPA in India.

  • B.Tech in Electronics and VLSI Design

This discipline imparts knowledge regarding the design and verification of electronic systems, circuits, and applications that may be found in fields including quantum computing, networks and communication, signal processing, image processing, and space applications. Additionally, the curricula followed by the best engineering colleges in Gujarat provide a solid foundation and prepare students for both the technical and entrepreneurial skills required to lead in this sector.

  • B.Tech in Mathematics and Computing

Students who pursue this course will gain in-depth theoretical understanding, as well as training and expertise in computer science, numerical computing, and mathematical finance. After completing a B Tech in Mathematics and Computing, students will be equipped with abilities in software development, programming languages, website creation, etc. Moreover, they can choose from careers in a variety of industries, including MNCs, software companies, the banking industry, etc. However, given below are a few job roles for these degree holders:

Job Profiles  Average Salary (in INR)
Quantitative Engineer 6 to 8 LPA
Statistical Engineer 3.4 to 4.5 LPA
Economic Research Engineer 5 to 7 LPA


Summing Up

Selecting a speciality at the B Tech colleges in Gujarat is an important choice that will influence a student’s future career. And, in addition to taking into account your interests, abilities, and career goals, reviewing the current market trends for the various industries will help you determine which specialisations are in great demand. Overall, students must be prepared to work hard, stay current with emerging technology, and prioritise honing their practical abilities regardless of any topic they choose to study.


  • What is the scope of B.Tech in Electronics and VLSI Design? 

In India, a career in VLSI design may be highly lucrative, and graduates with a B.Tech in this discipline shall have no trouble finding solid employment in both the private and public sectors. Additionally, there is a high need for VLSI design positions in sectors like automobile, telecommunication, mechanical, and others.

  • Why shall I choose BTech?

The growth of data science, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as the opportunity to earn a sizable salary, has increased the demand for BTech programmes in India. Moreover, candidates might earn between 7 and 10 LPA after attending the B Tech colleges in India.

  • Is BTech worth more than BE?

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and BTech are both engineering degrees with nearly identical tuition and compensation packages. As a result, choosing between the two courses is more influenced by the student’s preferences than by which one offers a higher income because both are regarded as equally valuable in terms of knowledge and future employment opportunities.

  • What are the benefits of studying at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology?


  • The institution employs professors with years of experience and strong qualifications, and it follows a modernised curriculum focused on business requirements. 
  • To pay your tuition fee, the college assists in obtaining student loans from several banks.
  • As one of India’s best engineering institutions, it offers eligible students 100% placement assistance.

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