For a business to work in the long term, it has to be efficient. This is the way that you save money, save time, and guide your business through tough patches like the ones you might have experienced recently. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be a business’s greatest asset, which is why so many business owners strive for it.

However, it isn’t all plain sailing, and you will probably need a lot of help to get there. Here are some of the best ways that you can get your business running more efficiently without needing to hand out huge amounts of cash.

#1 Use Excel to its full potential

It might sound boring, but don’t underestimate how useful this is. Use Excel to organize your numbers from the very beginning. You can always change to different software when you can afford it later on but begin with Excel because it is versatile and flexible, like the business equivalent of one of those knives with all of the attachments on it.

If you don’t know how to use Excel, you might be a little hesitant, but there are so many excellent, reliable guides, such as this one from, available that can help you when it comes to guiding yourself through everything this software can do for you.

#2 Use communication software

Using communication software from the start might be one of the best investments that your business will ever make. Effective communication has many benefits, all of which impact your business greatly. There are a lot of different uses for communication software, and not all of it has to be expensive.

You can even get some software for free, which can be a good way to help your business find its footing before setting off towards much higher goals. Here are some of the benefits of communication software, such as Slack:

  • Increased morale of your workers
  • Better, healthier relationships within teams
  • Problems are resolved much more easily
  • Can help ideas and knowledge spread much further

This can be a huge help to your business, especially if you are in the early stages and you want to be able to work with the people on your team if they are not in the same office or even the same part of the world.

#3 Use Power BI

Using Power BI (business intelligence) can be seen by a lot of businesses as overrated and a bit of a waste of money. However, if you use it correctly, it can be one of your best investments and greatest assets.

There can be a lot of benefits to using business intelligence software. It converts your data into charts and estimations, which can be convenient to help you identify trends and information about your business that you didn’t know. This can include targeting your products to the wrong audience, how to change your website, and maybe even moving your products to a slightly different channel to help you make more sales.

This can be very important to your business and can be even better if you fully train a member of your team to work closely with the software to be able to reap its full range of benefits.

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