Facebook Marketing has had its ups and downs, and it was the first social media platform to launch ads. Today it has become a benchmark for other social media handles to run their ad algorithms and remains a powerhouse for growing your social reach.

Facebook is big when it comes to digital marketing as compared to other social platforms out there. Facebook is still one of the biggest digital marketing and advertising giants. There have been recent changes and controversies regarding its enhanced charges and limitations to marketing, leaving many businesses skeptical, but besides all the confusion, Facebook marketing is still a great opportunity to reach millions of potential leads interested in your business.

Facebook video ads are a great opportunity to grow your business. Running a Facebook advertising campaign can help your business reach people looking for your products or services. It produces an extremely high marketing ROI and is totally worth it.

How You Can Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

1. Create a personal business presence using a fan page

Established a strong relationship between your business and audiences through your personal Facebook Business account, easily accessible to the public, thus enhancing your professional persona.

2. Choose the right category for your business page

Remember, your Facebook business page is not a personal profile so make sure you have business or customer-oriented profile pictures, “Sign Up” CTAs, and sidebar tabs. You can choose from the different options of businesses on FB, like an online business or a local business, to raise brand awareness and eventually lead generation.

3. Maintain a robust brand presence

You must create a robust, active page irrespective of whether you are making business from it or not; that’s full of regular posts and lots of audience engagement as customers will always search for related products and services, and your page may stand a strong chance.

4. Get a vanity URL

Getting on is quite beneficial for SEO and makes your brand more searchable on Google. Stick to keywords as Google will automatically link your URL to your site’s keywords which looks thoroughly professional

5. Join Facebook groups

Facebook groups offer a brilliant opportunity for professionals dedicated to various industries, and interests and your target audience is likely to be found. You can start promoting your business instead of offering opinions, advice, and thoughts.

6. Optimize your photos

Get some high-quality photos up on your profile, as Facebook is highly visual. You can use your logo for your profile image and choose the right cover photo. Try and include a CTA image as your cover photo and show off your creative side. Remember that pictures showcase your brand to your audience. Also, use some brand video as well to introduce your brand to your customers.

7. Create your group

You can join groups, but you can also create your own Facebook community or group to hold discussions, publish articles, and meet prospects. Since you own the group, you also get to control the conversations granting you industry leadership status, which is great for your business and brand.

8. Choose your CTA button

You can choose from many available options like Book Now, Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video, etc., like a CTA button on your Facebook marketplace. Just focus on what you think your customers will be most impressed and comfortable with and choose the right verbiage as your CTA button.

9. List your events

You can host webinars, live sessions, interviews, FAQ/Q&A sessions, and lots more on your Facebook Business Page. You can further create and promote an event page and invite friends and people in the groups you’re in.

10. Use custom Facebook tabs

You can use the various customizable Facebook tabs like the little sidebar tabs on your business profile to include any information about your brand, include a CTA, and help answer questions your audience may have.

11. Follow the “70-20-10” rule

You must create valuable and SEO-enriched content in different formats, which can be link-based or visual content like a business update. Follow the 70-20-10 rule, which means post 70% of original content, 20% of relevant content based on the interest of your followers and audience, and 10% content based on promotions. Mix the content with questions, observations, opinions, testimonials, etc.

12. Post videos and use Facebook video ads

Video content is a massive way to boost engagement, and the popularity of videos is hugely growing. Facebook is constantly changing how its video ads algorithm measures, but it is still a strong way to capture people’s interest with videos. You can invest in any one type of video content without needing a background in video editing to succeed.

13. Stream live video with Facebook Live

You can entice your audience with behind-the-scenes live videos depicting the real you and win hearts on the social media handle.

14. Clean up your posts

Facebook feed is a crowded space, and your previous posts can fade away into the background. You must do a regular clean-up, make space for sharper images and content and keep your posts from looking cluttered.

15. Ask your network to share blog posts

Facebook is a great platform for micro-networking wherein you can have your employee’s family, friends, and followers share your company’s posts on their personal Facebook profiles, following the rule of cross-pollination, which is extremely powerful today.

16. Share user-generated content

Save time, energy, and take time to pamper your followers by sharing user-generated content instead of coming up with your own.

17. Use Facebook Page Insights to analyze content

It is imperative to control, monitor, and supervise your metrics to find trends in engagement so that you know what content is succeeding. Keep a strict tab on your Page likes, Post Reach, and Engagement using insights.

18. Use Audience Insights

This is a great tool to analyze user behavior, like demographics, education levels, age and gender breakdowns, and job descriptions.

19. Promote your page with Facebook Ads

Facebook’s algorithm is changing, and you may have been asked to be aware, but this is a great way to get your brand, business, products, and services in front of your customers through Facebook advertising.

20. Promote your Facebook page

Finally, you must not only stick to Facebook for conducting digital marketing for your business but reach out to other social media handles and promote your Facebook business page. You can take help from professional services like InVideo to share your FB link on other channels like Instagram, YouTube, webpages, etc.


Despite the recent changes to Facebook’s advertising and algorithm, it provides a strong focus on a combination of organic reach and paid ads and remains a great marketing tool for most businesses. Facebook takes advantage of influencer marketing, has a multifaceted approach that enhances your audience engagement, and the content produced, posted and circulated on Facebook matters.

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