Growth of washing machines

Washing machines are one of the most essential items in an Indian household. Most households cannot imagine getting by without this appliance. Today’s generation probably does not even remember the days when we used to soak clothes, sit on the floor, scrub them and then rinse them with our hands.

Even the advertisements used to talk about detergent being gentle on hands, giving more lather, being tough on stains, and requiring less water. Now, we see most advertisements showing washing machines being loaded instead of clothes being washed in buckets.

Advancements made in the washing machine industry

During the ‘90s, semi-automatic machines were very common. It was common knowledge that one needed to scrub hard to remove stains before putting clothes in the washing machine. Most homemakers used to feel that, while washing machines do not eliminate the need for hand scrubbing, they reduce time and effort in washing clothes. 

Those days are long gone, where one needed to soak clothes and scrub them before loading them into the washing machines. These days, washing machines are more efficient and require little or no intervention from people. Samsung washing machines, for instance, are considered to be very efficient with excellent customer service.

Buying a washing machine

Picking up the best washing machine with maximum features can be a tedious task. Washing machines differ in terms of capacity, features, loading type, and function. Selecting a new washing machine can feel like a Herculean task, given the myriad options we find ourselves surrounded by today.

If you want to buy a new washing machine or upgrade your washing machine, spending some time researching a good washing machine that would fit your requirement would be worth your while. 

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Features in washing machines

Washing machines come with a host of features such as temperature control, timer, quick wash, delicate wash, rat mesh, child lock, digital display etc. 

Distinguishing features in a washing machine

Capacity: The capacity of a washing machine is measured in kilograms. It is usually based on the number of family members in the household, and the amount of load the washing machine can take. If the number of people in a household — and therefore the number of clothes are more, and clothes are washed once/twice a week, then a large capacity is preferred in washing machines.

If clothes are cleaned every day or once in two days, medium-capacity is alright to choose. However, it is not a big mistake to select a small-capacity washing machine. You will just need more wash cycles, and hence more time to wash clothes. 

Washing machine function type: A washing machine can be a semi-automatic washing machine or a fully-automatic washing machine. 

Semi-automatic washing machines are the most economical, and are usually considered as entry-level washers. They have two drums, one for washing and one for drying clothes. After the wash cycle is over, you will need to remove the clothes and put them in the drum for drying them.

Fully-automatic washing machines are more expensive and come with more advanced features. They require very little human intervention. Fully -automatic machines defer in loading type. 

Top-load fully-automatic washing machines: These are easier to load, as no bending is required, and contain only one drum for washing and drying. Once you load the machine and set the program to wash clothes, no intervention is necessary till the cycle is completed. These washing machines are more economical compared to the front-load ones, but consume more water and energy.

Front-load fully-automatic washing machines: These machines have advanced wash programs, are more efficient, have advanced child lock features, and consume less water and energy as compared to their top-loading counterparts, but require one to bend to load the device, and are more expensive. But buying the best front load washing machine can solve most of your problems related to cloth care.

More features to consider while buying washing machines

Fuzzy logic – Through this feature, the washing machine automatically estimates the weight of the clothes, the time required to wash the clothes, the amount of detergent needed, amount of water needed etc. 

Wash programs– Washing machines from top brand like Samsung washing machines offer many wash programs such as quick wash, delicate wash, soak function, etc. These features make the washing machine capable of effectively removing stains while safeguarding the fabric. 

Spin cycles – The number of spin cycles determines efficient cleaning, while preserving the fabric, which is crucial. For delicate fabric like wool, fewer spin cycles are ideal, whereas higher spin cycles are needed for more rigid material like jeans. A good washing machine would factor this in its programs, and list the maximum spin cycles it can achieve. 

Temperature control – Some washing machines allow for hot or warm water wash for clothes, allowing you to set the temperature at which you want to wash your clothes. 

Type of drum – The washer’s drum can be made of plastic or porcelain enamel, or stainless steel. Plastic is considered better than porcelain enamel as it avoids chipping and rusting. Stainless steel is regarded as the best, as it can withstand heavy spin cycles and have a relatively long life. 

You can take all of these factors into consideration, and purchase a washer that has all the above-mentioned features. You can purchase a washing machine from any of the top brands by shopping at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can also avail of attractive discounts and offers by shopping at the EMI Store, and receive your washing machine within just 24 hours of placing the order!

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