Every woman loves to own a collection of trendy footwear. In Australia, the footwear market is predicted to expand on an annual basis by 8.28 per cent (CAGR 2021-2025). The Australian footwear market is forecasted to showcase a volume growth of 9.3 per cent by the year 2022. Suffice to say, shoes are much in demand.

A majority of women get excited at the prospect of owning a large and diverse collection of shoes. But it’s important to always buy women’s shoes online in australia that are versatile enough to be worn in any setting, whether it’s a workplace or a casual day out. Among all the varied footwear, sandals are known for their light and comfortable feel. But it’s never wise to shop for them only based on their appearance. Here are critical questions you need to ask before buying a pair for yourself.

Where Would You Be Wearing the Sandals?

You can wear sandals in multiple locations. Do you want to wear them only at the beach? Or do you want to wear them at your workplace in place of your regular shoes? Ensure that the pair you’re buying is practical enough for their intentional use. A sandal that works in a specific environment may not be suitable for another. For instance, if you are generally involved in fieldwork, it’s not a good idea to purchase a set of high-heeled sandals.

What is the Heel Height?

After figuring out exactly what you need the sandals for, it’s time to assess the heel height. Sandals with high heels are more suitable for formal occasions. Alternatively, flat ones are ideal for running errands, shopping, or any casual outing. Another variant, stacked heels and wedges, are great for daytime events. Factor in all these situations before you invest in a pair of sandals.

Do the Sandals Offer You the Right Amount of Support?

Various factors influence the amount of support required in sandals. If you purchase them for lounging around a pool, you don’t need as much support as you need for walking outside or shopping. An essential thing to take into account is the instep. A great instep prevents fallen arches, which can be extremely painful. Apart from it, sandals featuring an ankle strap and heel cap provide extra support and prevent more than usual movement.

How Comfortable Are the Sandals?

Many women overlook this critical question while exploring footwear for themselves. Typically, they think that the sandal will begin feeling comfortable after a few days of use. This assumption can result in serious consequences.

You don’t have to buy any footwear that does not fit appropriately as it will negatively affect the health of your feet. When planning to buy women’s shoes online in Australia, look for those that have a comfortable moulded footbed. Other things like adjustable Velcro heel strap also contribute positively to enhancing the comfort level.

Find If the Sandals Have Closed Toes

These kinds of sandals are a fine blend of flats and sandals. The closed-toe design makes the footwear appear appropriate for the workplace. At the same time, the open sides are ideal for the summer season. Such sandals can be worn both inside and outside the office. They can be a part of your workplace attire as well as a casual outfit like a pencil skirt or flared jeans.

At present, the leather footwear market in Australia is witnessing a boost in its size. Consequently, there are tons of styles that women can explore. However, it’s wise to choose something only if it feels snug and provides you adequate comfort. Only then will this investment be of use to you. Also, read 4 Reasons Why People Are Curious About Rare Sneakers.

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