Call it a comeback or something else, but Ark Investment Funds, owned by Cathie Wood, has surprised everyone by pushing three exchange-traded funds among the top 5 funds of the week.

This is huge for the complex as the three funds, namely; Ark Next Generation ETF, Ark Innovation ETF, and Fintech Fund experienced 6%, 6%, and 5%, respectively. One should think before calling this a comeback as all the three funds experienced a consistent loss of nearly 6% before this. This means that this is nothing but a road to recovery for Cathie Wood and her Ark Investment Funds

ARK’s two more investment funds experienced a 5% growth, but unfortunately, those two missed out on the top 5 funds in the market. Cathie Wood has also been included among the 100 most influential women involved in finance in the United States. According to Paul Haarman, the next few years would bring more and more exchange-traded funds and ETFs into the limelight as the scope is ever rising. 

MTUM’s Financials Result in a New Momentum

Todd Rosenbluth has stated that iShares Edge MSCI USA Momentum is undergoing a rebalancing this week and says that it is not that easy. According to him, this is an ETF with 41% of its assets from the technology industry. He also added that financials are now the new momentum changer. 

Additions To Bitcoin ETF Applications Continue

Coin Desk has reported that several companies have continued their trials for seeking approval for launching their BTCUSD exchange-traded fund. According to the latest reports, two new ETF’s, namely; Fidelity Investment’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust and Anthony Scaramucci’s Sky Bridge Capital, are expected to be added to the Bitcoin ETF applications very soon. 

Ever Heard About a Psychedelic ETF? 

Indeed, a new psychedelic ETF is all set to land its foot as Defiance ETF states that its new ETF is a fund seeking to track performances of life science involved in medical activities, particularly in the field of psychedelics, CBD, cannabis, and hemp industries. This is news that has been in conversations recently. 

New ETF Push is a Trend Now  

With more and more ETFs hitting the market in the past few years, many companies have tried to jump into the market, owing to the rising scope.

Now, Putnam Investments has also stepped into this field and has declared the launch of its foremost exchange-traded fund, which is named Putnam Sustainable Future ETF PFUT, Putnam Focused Large-Cap Growth ETF PGRO, Putnam Sustainable Leaders ETF PLDR, and Putnam Focused Large Cap Value ETF.

Todd Rosenbluth has also informed that there is a sudden surge for more managed ETF in recent times. 

Paul Haarman suggests watching out for the FOMO ETF! For your information, Wall Street is about to see another ETF hitting the market. This ETF gives a chance to the investors to meme the trending investments and assets. You can learn more about Tuttle Capital Management’s FOMO ETF FOMO. 

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