Vet checkups, physicals, and internal optimal workings are all basics when it comes to taking care of your dog, but what many people don’t necessarily think about or consider important is their dog’s nutritional plan. 

Simply picking up a generic dog food brand off of the shelf when you go grocery shopping is essentially doing the bare minimum, and when it comes to your furry family member wouldn’t you think that they deserve more than that? We assume, unfortunately, and too easily, that the food stores are stocking the highest quality, the best on the market, and the most nutritionally sound products when it comes to feeding your pets, but this is not the case.

We need to do the research, the homework, and our duty (see here pet owners checklist for a quick tip list on what to prepare for when it comes to dog care responsibilities), to find a mineral and vitamin-rich source of food for our pet. And as we all know, or should at least have some idea of, is that to fix an issue you need to go to the source of the problem rather than sugar-coating the externals for a short-term solution. This means working your way from the inside out.

The how

You may understand the need to do better when it comes to menu and meal planning for your four-legged friend, but do we know the genetics behind the components that make up the food? Are we looking for natural, organic ingredients, or being sucked in by clever advertising and flashy ads to buy what they are selling without ever looking into it further?

Think about what you want to achieve from your meal research, are you thinking about the cheapest option, the healthiest, or ideally a combination of the two? When you put it like that there can be only one option, one that is taking the world by storm and has been proving successful by users around the world.

We are looking at a plant from the Cannabis Sativa family, the Hemp flower, and its natural, healthy healing plant compound, CBD.

The where

Finding CBD, or Cannabidiol as it is also known, is easier to get nowadays compared to years ago when ancient tribal gurus and royal delegates would use it for their health and physical issues. They would often infuse the plants and a combination of wild berries, bark, and hemp leaves into their tea and topical and administer it when needed, and successfully so. History documents show a vast number of cases treated with plants and other traditional medicines but the common factor was the cannabis Sativa plant.

As they did for themselves, they also implemented these methods into their canine’s lifestyles and daily routines with dogs being regarded as royalty and higher than many staff members. They would mix the plant extract in with their foods before serving, use it as part of their hygiene routine hence the luxurious and shiny coats they always paraded, and on occasion drop it under their tongue for faster and more effective absorption into the body and bloodstream to get to work quickly. 

Dogs Health

Some people may turn up their nose at this fact but mostly because they think that the cbd for dogs side effects outweighs the positives, but this may be naive. The last thing you want to do is go on hearsay or simply only listen to the negative aspects, but if you conduct your own research you will discover the opposite, and when you do, your dog will thank you for it. Your pup deserves the best from you as an owner, and a drop of CBD could be all it takes to give them the quality of life worth living to the fullest.

Happy and healthy

There are many ways, other than opting for organic foods and ingredients which make the most significant impact, that you could ensure your pup is always happy and healthy. If you are new to pet ownership then these few pointers will help to make the journey and adventure that much smoother for both of you.

    • Shelter. This may go without saying but you would be surprised at the number of pet owners who think all a dog needs is to have a place to lie down outside and he is happy. No, they need a comfortable, warm, and adequately safe and dry place to sleep and rest, it could be a kennel outside for those warm summer nights, or a cozy spot in the living room to be part of the family fun.
    • Nourishment. Sure the vitamin and mineral element has been implemented but fresh food and water daily, more so as needed, is a necessity and basic no dog should be left without. It could mean as a family you take turns, have a schedule of feeding, either way, it should always be a priority.
  • Fitness. A good exercise program is essential to keep the heart pumping, the muscles and joints flexible and moving, and it is a great bonding activity for the kids as they run and chase each other around the park, ideally getting rid of some of their energy. 

At the end of the day you got a dog or puppy to enjoy, nurture, and love for as long as possible, make the most of it, and let their longevity be a healthy one. 

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