Communication is one of the most important parts of businesses and establishes a connection between the various modules within the business, apart from the connection between the customers and the business. 

To establish these communications between the customers and the businesses, there are a set of rules and regulations in place that help place a set of codes for the communication between the server and the businesses. 

This setup is referred to as Communication API or Application platform interface. These APIs help in setting up a communication platform between the business and the customer. 

Not only do they help in effective communication between the two modules but can also help in setting up a customised way of communicating with the customer such as for payments, two factor authentication and many other transactional emails and messages that need to go back and forth between the business and the customers.

Benefits of Communication Platforms

Every business needs a method and a strategy to effectively communicate with their customers. These communications are not limited to marketing but also to handle and deliver sales-related information, transactions between the customer and the business, future transcript of receipts and payment confirmation, updates and communications post-sales, etc. 

Most businesses run with the help of these communication platforms to connect and deliver their important information to the customers. Having an effective communication platform has many benefits and some of the main benefits are listed below:

  • Helps in recording customer information
  • Helps in transmitting important information
  • A custom made a model of communication with the customer
  • Helps in retaining important information with regards to transactions
  • Integrate safety and security with regards to information exchange
  • Establish rules with regards to the communication between the customers and businesses

Types of Communication Platforms in Businesses

In general, there are three types of communication platforms in businesses that are most frequently used in this age:

SMS Messages

One of the most used mediums of communication, the SMS platform is one of the most reliable and the easiest way to connect to a customer. SMS messages can help in reaching customers much faster and can be used for promotional messages, transactional messages, OTP messages, two-factor authentication messages, delivery and status updates, etc. 

It can be easily integrated with any website or CRM database for the automated sending of messages across the world. Latency of SMS delivery is also something that has to be kept in mind and there are many vendors who provide uninterrupted delivery of transactional messages to customers across the world with great reliability, network, and with low latency levels

Transactional Email 

Transactional emails are one of the most important when it comes to businesses as emails are an integral part of any business-customer communication model. 

Transactional emails are a must-have in this kind of business these days and an effective email communication partner can help in better email delivery, faster responses, lower email bounce, and better open rates. In the modern world, emails are one of the most effective medium of communication with customers

Voice Calls

Connecting to a customer support team is considered one of the key parameters to building a successful relationship with customers. The best voice communication platform must ensure a high-end connection that routes with the best technology, records all service requests and calls, ensures low latency, clear quality calls, customized calls between business and customers, call tracking, and voice alerts that can be used later on and total anonymity. 

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