General Knowledge is an important rank deciding subject in competitive exams. You might score well in other practical subjects like Maths, Reasoning, and English- since they are based on concepts and their application.

But, scoring well in General Knowledge depends a lot on mugging up important information. Whether it’s SSC Exams, Railway or Banking Exams, General Knowledge plays an important role in the final selection. 

Of all the subjects in General Knowledge, Computer Section is the most scoring. Almost in all the competitive exams, questions from the computer section are generally asked. The syllabus of computers is quite limited and easy to cover making it a very scoring topic. But, few candidates ignore the subject at large and end up losing precious marks in the exam. And, we all know even a single mark matter in competitive exams. 

Keys Tips to Remember while preparing for Computer Section for Bank and SSC Exams

Complete Basic Theory:

While the Computer is a practical subject, theory-based simple questions are frequently asked in the examination. Questions from topics like Input Devices, Output Devices, Ram, Rom, Computer Languages, and the history of Computers are very common. Questions from these topics are mostly repeated and are easy to score. The basic theory of Computer as a subject is very limited and can be completed in a very short period. 

Focus on MS Word/ Excel/ Powerpoint:

These days in most of the examinations, questions from Microsoft tools like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint are asked. However, the level of the questions from these topics is quite straightforward. Simple application-based questions like how to lock formulas in excel are asked. The same is the case for MS Word and Powerpoint where simple questions like how to add a hyperlink in Word or shortcut for slides may be asked in Powerpoint. 

Don’t try to mug up formulas:

In application-based topics like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint- You should focus on a practice-based approach more than mugging up formulas. Like in case, if you learned how to use the average function in excel, you should go and practice in the spreadsheet instead of just remembering it. Similarly, in MS Word, you should use the basic tools of Word practically for better understanding. 

Practise Excel Formulas:

Microsoft Excel can become a very complex topic if you try to mug up things rather than practice them. Whatever formulas you have learned of MS Excel, you should use them in the spreadsheet twice or thrice. Once you use these formulas in excel, you will be able to retain them for a longer period. On the other hand, mugging up won’t be useful, as you will forget it in no time. 

Give more and more Quizzes:

You might cover the syllabus of computer in a short time but completing the syllabus and retaining that studied information are two different things. You should give timely quizzes on the computer, it will not only increase the understanding of the topic but also will keep your preparation on track. You can also study the last 2-3 previous year questions for taking your preparation to a much higher level. 

Put a limit to your Resources:

The computer is a very scoring subject with a limited syllabus. Don’t make it difficult for you by enlarging this small syllabus by choosing multiple study materials. Instead of choosing multiple study materials, choose only a single book of your choice and study it wholeheartedly. And, invest much time in solving previous year’s questions, daily current affairs and quizzes, instead of reading multiple resources.

In competitive exams where every single mark matters. A single mark can make you reach your dream job or can restrain you from it. And, avoiding the computer section can be that single mark which might let you through your exam. So, don’t ignore this\ subject as it can be very easy to cover its syllabus and hence can be your scoring subject in the GK section. 

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