What exactly comes to your mind when you think of the term crisis Management?

In layman terms, a crisis refers to a sudden unplanned event, or a string of unplanned events that can cause major disturbances, and sometimes even trigger the feeling of being threatened. Whether it is a business, a political organization or an individual, each of these individual units could face a crisis anytime. Usually, it is a crisis management agency or a PR agency that takes care of such situations as and when they arise.

Crisis Management: What are the different types of crisis?

Natural Crisis

A natural crisis can be a disturbance in the environment and nature and are usually beyond human control. Such natural crises can include tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, among others.

Technological Crisis

A technological crisis can arise when there is a failure in technology. These kinds of crises can include a breakdown of machinery, corrupted software and other kinds of tech breakdowns.

Confrontation Crisis

A confrontation crisis will arise when employees fight amongst themselves, individuals do not agree with each other, and which eventually leads to situations like boycotts, strikes for indefinite periods and so on. In such a type of crisis, employees disobey superiors, give ultimatums and force them to accept their demands. Even situations like internal disputes and ineffective communication can lead to major confrontation crises.

Organizational Misdeeds That Cause Crisis

These types of crises arise when management takes certain decisions knowing the harmful consequences of the decisions for stakeholders and external parties. In cases such as these, usually, superiors ignore the after-effects of strategies and implement them for quick gains.

Crisis of Management Misconduct

Organizations face a crisis of management misconduct when management indulges in deliberate acts of illegality like accepting bribes, passing on confidential information and more.

Crisis due to Workplace Violence

Such a type of crisis arises when employees are indulged in violent acts such as beating employees, or superiors in the office premises or outside.

Crisis Due to Rumours

Spreading false rumours about the organization and brand can also lead to a big crisis.

What are the different stages of crisis management?

Diagnosis of a Crisis

The first stage involves detecting what the early indicators of a crisis are. This step is usually undertaken by leaders and heads of departments who then sense warning signals of a crisis and prepare to face the same with hope and determination. Superiors also need to usually review the performance of their subordinates from time to time to be aware of what they are up to; after all, a leader needs to take initiative on their own and not wait for others.


Once a crisis has been detected, a crisis management team must immediately get into action to execute it, or be prepared to execute it. The step is to devise relevant Digital marketing strategies to avoid a sudden emergency kind of situation.

Members will need to sit and discuss with related members to come out with a solution which would work best during the time of crisis. The job of this team is to take quick and relevant decisions. Members will need to be alert and patient, and ensure that facts and figures are correct, instead of doing guesswork or planning basis assumptions.

Adjusting to Changes

The crisis management team must know how to adjust to new situations and changes so that they and the organization can work effectively in the near future. They will have to analyze causes which led to the crisis in the first place, and plans and processes need to be put in place so that the mistake isn’t repeated again.

How do you implement crisis management in a prison setup?

Why do you need to have crisis management in prisons is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, doesn’t it? Well, when you strengthen any country’s capacity to develop, maintain and manage a safe, secure and humane prison system, it aids sustainable peacebuilding efforts in the country. This in turn also prevents and avoids any kind of conflict in the near future.

The causes of prison disturbances and conflicts can be many. But some of the common ones include blockages in the criminal justice system, overcrowding, gaps in organizational structure, poorly trained prison staff, poor conditions for inmates or staff, inadequate equipment, non-classification of prisoners, lack of contact with the outside world (faith and family) by prisoners, ideological protests, gang wars, unresolved grievances, tough punishment regimes, and the likes.

One key aspect of crisis management in prisons is Crisis Intervention Training, which is key to handling incidents in a prison management setup. On average, researchers have found that this kind of training can cause a 70 per cent decrease in the use of force, including a decrease in critical incidents and time in restraints.

Crisis communication in prisons

Crisis Communication in prisons will deal with the reputation of the individuals as well as the prison management setup as a whole. It will aim to protect the reputation of the organization and maintaining its public image.

A crisis management agency, in such situations, will ensure that information flows across all departments in its desired form. Crisis communication specialists take quick decisions and are able to respond quickly and effectively during unstable situations, while also thinking out of the box and devising alternate plans.

Once any organization, including a prison system, is out of the crisis, it is the duty of the crisis management agency and the leader of the prison management to communicate the lessons learnt so that stakeholders do not commit the same mistakes again.

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