Are you looking for a software solution but can’t find one among the current offerings? Do you have an important workflow you need to digitize but it won’t fit within an existing software package?

Custom software solutions are the answer. This is software that is designed and programmed specifically for you and your situation.

It’s like going to a bespoke tailor for a custom-made jacket. Cut from the correct material, it fits properly and has the right number of pockets where you need them.

Read on to learn why bespoke software solutions could be the right fit for your business.

Benefits of Custom Software

Custom software can provide a competitive advantage. You can offer online services or features your competitors who use off-the-shelf software can’t.

If part of your advantage is proprietary, your custom software can connect to it without having to give away trade secrets to a software company that may also work with your competitors.

Mass market software is designed to work for as many customers as possible. The result is you pay for features and functionality you don’t need or can’t use. There are also no licensing or subscription fees with your custom software, which will save you money as your employees grow.

As you own the software and the development process, you can upgrade or add functionality when you need it. You don’t have to wait for future updates you do not control.

Development Process

Custom software development begins with the defined business need. These are the problems the software will fix and the advantages it will deliver.

The next step is to gather the features and functionality needed and rank them. For example, which features are critical, important, or nice-to-have. This all goes into a project plan that details the schedule, costs, and scope.

The developers now build a working prototype. After testing and reviewing the results, the end product is programmed and delivered. During development, there are regular status updates and opportunities for testing and approvals.

Custom Software Options

For small to mid-level companies, custom software development solutions offer many advantages:

  • Converting paper processes to electronic
  • Updating outdated software
  • Providing innovative technical support through a client portal
  • Software defined storage solutions
  • Building applications for mobile devices

ERP software solutions manage a company’s finance, human resources, and payroll functions. Custom software can deliver the processes and approvals that meet your situation and compliance needs.

Once your IT equipment has reached the end of its use, it needs to be wiped of all confidential data. Companies such as Certus OEM provide online erasure services that can be managed from a single point.

Find the Right Software Solutions

Your business is not reliant on mass-market software that doesn’t meet your needs or has high subscription costs. Custom software solutions provide the functionality you need at the price you can afford.

To get the most from the company you hire, or the developers you employ, start by defining your business needs and project plan. Once the development is underway, get regular updates and test the functionality often.

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