When was the last time you visited your primary care doctor? Maybe you were concerned about asthma and suspected wheezing she might have referred you to an allergist or perhaps they suggested you visit a dermatologist to give an address to stubborn acne. 

These are quite easy referrals for a doctor to make. But, what if you told your doctor that there might be something going on with your brain? Maybe you were anxious or unusually tired or forgetful. These might be the symptoms of neurological disorders or mental illnesses. 

Now, how does your doctor decide whether you need a psychiatrist or a neurologist? Most of the time it is quite difficult to differentiate between neurological complaints and mental illnesses

Visiting a top neurology hospital in Bangalore might help you to come up with a solution.

Difference between neurological disorder and mental illness

Neurological disorders like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease can be huddled together because they all involve damage of or malfunction of the nervous system— the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. 

Infections in the Nervous system are also treated by neurologists. On the other hand, the indicators of psychiatric disorders are emotional State and disturbed behavior.

The neurological disorders in the brain can cause damage and degenerate the nervous system. 

Most of the time that can hinder the communication between neurons and in turn, those changes can exhibit themselves in problems with memory, behavior, body control, and mood.

These are the same problems that psychiatrists treat. This is not surprising because most of the scientists believe that problematic communication between neurons in our brains bolsters psychiatric disorders.

A person with mental illness can be easily identified if they feel sad or down, successive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt and mood swings. “Mental illness is common.” One of the common mental illnesses which affects people of all ages is ‘Depression’. 

Depression could be the side effect of the medication and suicidal thoughts are common in depressed people. People with depression actually sleep a lot. It doesn’t mean they are lazy.” Mental illness is a flaw in chemistry not in character”. Mental illness cannot be fully cured but psychiatric counseling helps in minimizing the symptoms of mental illness and allows the individuals to express a good functional mentality in social environments.

The main difference between mental illness and neurological disorder is either can be fully cured.

Neurological diseases lead the way with mental disorders, such as anxiety/post-stroke depression, mental health in sleep disorders/ migraine/epilepsy, etc. With growing awareness about these issues, you can diagnose and treat them and make a full recovery in most cases.

To conclude, You must visit a doctor if there are signs of neurological disease or any other medical condition, in such cases quick diagnosis and treatment are important. Seek medical attention for signs listed above by visiting a Top Neurology Hospital In Bangalore. Also, read about Genetic Texting and New-born Screening and more informative articles on Technos Daily.

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