Omega, alongside Rolex and Patek Philippe, is one of the top choices when it comes to luxury watch brands. It offers several of the best watches in terms of functionality and complications. If you would ask a watch enthusiast what trademark the brand carries, he will probably answer you that its watch was the first-ever timepiece that reached the moon. Aside from that, it is also popular because of its sophisticated style and exquisite watchmaking.

In the 21st century, the number of fake markets and counterfeit manufacturers is increasing. They produce watches that look exactly like the ones crafted by giant watchmaking corporations, such as Omega. Hence, if you are planning to buy one from the list of its watches, you have to be careful not to choose the fake ones. Keep reading to know how you can differentiate fake timepieces from real Omega watches.

Ways to differentiate fake from a real omega watch

Many claims that living in a society with impressive technology means that you are in the golden era for watch collecting. The newly released luxury Omega watches, such as the Seamaster and New Constellations, have more innovative materials and complications than the older models. However, with the rise of modern manufacturing methods, the mass production of cheap replicas that are hard to differentiate from the real ones has become possible and rampant.

For some people, this might be a piece of good news since they can now afford an Omega-looking watch that they dreamt of. But if you value the research, development, and manufacturing process that the company uses to create its timepieces, you will still decide to buy the original ones.

  1. Check the dials and logo of the watch

You can easily check the dials and the logo of the watch upon receiving it from the seller. They are exterior parts of the timepiece that can tell so much about the authenticity of the product. Inspect the spelling and spacing on the dial. Are all spelled properly and evenly spaced or are there any errors?

If there is any spelling error or engraving mistake, it is obviously a fake Omega watch. In terms of the logo, check if it has a separate piece of metal attached to the dial, if it has then the giant corporation was the one who manufactured it.

  1. Check the hands of the watch

Omega creates the movements of its timepieces to make sure that it can meet the highest standards set by its users. Since it uses innovative technology, its wristwatches have a very smooth, fluid motion without any ticking sound. Therefore, if you notice that the watch you are buying ticks or contains a second hand that stutters, then it is a sign that it is fake.

Aside from checking if it creates any sound, you also have to test the adjustment capabilities of the crown. You might wonder why doing it matters. Well, an authentic Omega will have a second hand that stops whenever you adjust the time to ensure accuracy. However, the same scenario will not happen when you are buying a fake one. Its second hand will continue to move despite adjusting the time.

  1. Check the lumes of the watch

All of the watches manufactured by Omega have reflexive surfaces, known as lumes. It makes their hands, markers, and dots on the rotating bezel glow allowing you to check the time even if you are in a dark place. Counterfeit manufacturers now have the ability to create fake watches with little or no difference from the original ones.

Unfortunately, they can now produce timepieces with lumes. However, you can spot that it is fake when its glow is too dull and gloomy. To add to this, they will have thin-lined hands and markers than the original ones.

  1. Check the location of the valve

In the long list of Omega watches, the Seamaster ranks first as the most popularly counterfeited model. But since the watch has a lot of details and is very functional, it usually has a high production cost. Hence, counterfeiters would need to forego some of its functions, including the helium escape valve, to lessen their expenses.

The location of the valve can be a sign that the watch you are holding is just a replica. If you still don’t know what a valve is, it is a feature that is usually on diving watches. It is just small in size loaded with springs that the company places in the watch case.

It prevents water and large molecules to enter the watch, hence saving it from any damage. To spot if the timepiece you are about to buy is from the Omega company, the position of the valve must nearly hit the 10 o’clock mark. If it aligns perfectly with the 10 o’clock mark, then you can conclude that it is just an imitation.

  1. Check the date complication

The date complication of a luxury watch is one of the most difficult to replicate because each brand uses a unique date magnification lens with various levels of magnification. A watch made by Omega will place the date at the center of the window and the numbers will cover the whole place evenly.

Aside from the location of the date, you also need to check the seven or eight-digit serial number associated with the specific model. If the watch you plan to buy has vintage aesthetics, you can find the serial number on the inside of the case back. However, if it is a modern watch, you will find it on the bottom of one of the lugs.

You can use Google to search if the serial number matches the watch that you are holding. If there is any discrepancy, it means that it is not an authentic Omega wristwatch.

In a Nutshell

If you are a watch collector, you probably loathe counterfeiters as they disrespect the horological history as well as the innovative creations of luxury brands. Nowadays, they are getting better at imitating authentic wristwatches that you might end up becoming a victim of.

The list above will help you spot a fake Omega watch from a replica but those require being attentive to details. If you want to be 100% sure that what you are going to buy is a product of the luxury brand, then choose a retailer with a stellar reputation, such as The Watch Company! Visit Technos Daily again to read more informative articles.

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