St. Albert is an incredible city on the outskirts of Edmonton that shines when you get the chance to know it. Unfortunately, because of its proximity to a major city, many assume that there isn’t much to do or see here, but they’re wrong!

These are the top things you can do with the family in St. Albert and why it’s such a great area.

Check Out the Museums

There are countless museums that explore the past of this area and walk people through the importance of getting to know the people who lived on this land for thousands of years and continue to do so. The multiple museums, from the Musee Heritage Museum to Father Lacombe Chapel, help visitors explore St. Albert in a way that can feel incredibly personal to them. If you have kids with you, it’s a great way to help them learn to be curious about the world around them.

Visit Incredible Art Galleries

If you need a break from looking at the incredible St. Albert homes for sale, it’s time to check out some art galleries! Art is one of the most important parts of our life, making up everything from the television we watch to the things we hang on our walls, and the Art Gallery of St. Albert helps bridge this connection. With art spanning through many decades, in a large selection of styles and themes, you’ll get to feel a little more connected to the city and those who have called it home.

Visit the Fun Play Park

If you’re traveling with your kids in the summer, it’s almost mandatory that you stop in and visit the Woodlands Water Play Park! This park has plenty of slides, a water play area, swings, areas for running and playing, and so much more. Fenced in for safety, there’s a lot of summer fun to be had here.

Locals love that it gives their kids a space to run out of their energy, and tourists love that it’s a free place where they can stop and catch their breath in the middle of a big trip. However, this doesn’t compete with major parks that have waterslides and big events; for a free park, you can’t do better than this!

Have Fun In the Outdoors

There’s no part of St. Albert as wonderful as its connection to the greenery surrounding it! One of the best places to get in touch with this nature is by visiting the St. Albert Botanic Park. This awesome park gives you a chance to walk through endless plants and greenery and get to know what’s native to the area and what isn’t. In dazzling hues and shades ranging from bright violet to deep dark green, you’ll want to take picture after picture.

This is an awesome stop for a family who needs a break from the rush and noise of a long trip.

St. Albert is An Incredible Destination

Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or you’re considering moving here, there’s nothing as stunning as St. Albert! Consider extending your stay sometime soon!

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