Microsoft Outlook public forum and social media account are always filled with a wide variety of questions related to Outlook errors. Outlook, being an integrated mail service, is not immune to errors that can strain its users. In this article you will find simple do-it-yourself solutions to fix [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1].

If you use one, this type of Microsoft Outlook error may be due to some issues with your Internet connection or VPN software. Whatever the cause, there are several potential fixes that you can check to correct the error.

You can also try disabling your VPN software or restarting your computer or Microsoft Outlook and try restarting the program. 

How to solve Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1]  Error Code?

There are some effective methods that help solve the  [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] problem. In advance to using any method, make sure you close the Outlook application.

Quickest way to resolve Outlook [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error

  • Start Outlook in Safe Mode
  • Disable add-ons
  • Reset the navigation pane setting file

If Outlook PST or OST files are badly damaged, even the Inbox repair tool cannot repair files or say files recovered by Inbox repair tool arrival will have file corruption. More often than not, one wrong step leads to losing a data file. In such a case, it is recommended that you use an Outlook Pst File Repair to re-access your Outlook files. So lets start to know the [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error solving process:

1. Start Outlook in Safe Mode

  • You can type Outlook.exe / safe in the run box
  • A safe mode message will appear. Click Yes, Or you can use outlook.exe
  • Please click on the right “Outlook.exe / safe” then Click on the “Open.”
  • Note: During processing, if it asks for your account credentials, enter your password and choose “Accept.”

2. Disable add-ons

  • Open Outlook, Go to File, then the Option, select the add-ins
  • Select “COM Add-ins.” Press the Go button
  • The list of add-ins that work with Outlook is displayed. Uncheck them all and click OK
  • Now restart Outlook. If the problem still occurs when opening Microsoft Windows, try other methods given below.
  • Reset the navigation pane setting file
  • Go to Start menu >> Run Command >> Genre outlook.exe / resetnavpane
  • Enter OK >> Restart your computer

Outlook opens automatically. Check the error cannot start Microsoft Outlook received or not. If the [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error occurs again, try to delete the XML file that stores the settings of the Outlook that does not open by following the steps below:

  • Enter % appdata% \ Microsoft \ Outlook in the search field on Windows
  • Select Outlook, go to Find, and Delete the outlook.xml
  • Search for PST and select Restore previous versions if that doesn’t work.

3. Restore the previous version of the PST file

  • Type outlook.exe in the archived Windows search
  • Right-click outlook.exe >> Click Return to previous version

This method only works if a restore point has been created. Restoring a previous copy is useless if no backup was created. 

4. Repair Outlook with Inbox Repair Tool

The Scanpst.Exe path is used to analyze and identify [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error problems with PST files. Scanpst only searches your personal folder files to determine if your data has been corrupted.

  • Locate and run the Inbox Repair Tool. Browse or select the path to the folder where the .pst file is stored.
  • Folder C: \ Program File (x86) \ Microsoft Office \ root \ Office16
  • Quick note: The scrolling above applies to Office 2016 and Office 365. If you are running an earlier version of the program, change the Office 15 path to Office 14
  • Step 1: Close the Outlook application if it is currently open and double click to launch it
  • Step 2: Click on Browse to navigate to the path of the folder where the PST file was saved.
  • Step 3: Click Start to initiate the scanning process and repair the Outlook PST file
  • Step 4: Finally, click on Repair to fix [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1].

The main drawback of Scanpst.exe is that it works on the original copy of the PST file, so the chances of damaging the PST file are high compared to repair. Hence it is recommended to use a safe and secure Outlook PST repair tool to fix Microsoft Outlook cannot start error by repairing Outlook PST file.

How To Fix Cannot Open [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] Outlook Error?

Download and install SFWare PST Repair Tool for solving [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error code. Launch the application and then download now.

The main screen shows three options. Select the one as needed:

  • Open PST file
  • Find PST file
  • Select Outlook profile
  • Select Option from the Main screen
  • Normal Scan: This scan is suitable for repairing minor corruptions in the PST file.
  • Smart Scan: If you want to repair a severely damaged PST file, click Smart Scan.
  • Select Scan
  • Select Repair for PST repairing

After the completion of the repair process, you can preview the repaired PST file in the Outlook style browser

Final Words:

So now you know the ways to solve [pii_email_b2223c98d08eee1ba1b1] error code. If you still afce any issue while solving the error then let us know in the comment section. We have aslo written some other guide about [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] error, [pii_email_e7ab94772079efbbcb25] Error, [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] error. You can check those articles for more details. Visit us again for more informative articles.

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