Hello People, As suggested by Name today we are going to discuss, how to solve [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] error easily. we will also discuss PII, what it is, and whats its meaning. So Lets start

What Is PII?

Before we dive into the topic” Fix the error [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]”, let us know what PII is? PII stands for Personally Identifiable Information. Generally, people have a lot of confusion about this type of thing. Multiple definitions have been given by multiple people. People often think it means personal information or something related to private data.

In reality, it is the identical information about a person such as a name, date of birth, permanent or temporary address, any guardian’s name, or any biometric record which helps to identify an individual. If the PII of any individual gets exposed, it can also be used for the wrong purpose, such as to commit identity theft, and may put the victims at risk.

Identity Theft: A topic of much concern

Identity theft is something when someone steals your personal identity and pretend to be you while committing any fraud to gain the benefit of your financial policies, and one of the biggest drawbacks is that after any crime, the whole blame falls on you [ the people who are innocent ] keeping the crime record of the thief clear. So don’t take it as a minor issue.

The table below shows the results of a FICO survey done in 2017 in America.

Public  Views  


Give their top concern to identity theft and banking fraud 44%
Give their concern to their loved ones and themselves 22%


Give their concern to being a victim of a terrorist attack 18%

This is proof that identity theft is a topic to which you should be more concerned than your mortality. And so, it is important to remember the value of PII.

Securing PII

PII is used by every organization to store the data of their customers and employees, by every hospital- of their patients, even by every school and university- of their students. Securing it is considered a valuable step to gain customer trust and also the problem to fix error codes like [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd], [Pii_email_23dd92c65546aac4234], [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] or [pii_email_5b2bf020001f0bc2e4f3] can be solved.

I am going to tell you how you can keep your PII protected.

  1. The first step is to identify the PII your company is storing, may it be as the bank details and login information if stored by the software vendor
    • social security numbers, passport details, license numbers, addresses if it’s being stored by the government agencies.
  1. You have to find out all the places where the PII is being stored.
    • The location where the data is stored may also vary from company to company. To capture an eye on all the data to need to consider
      • -the data which is constantly being used. We are here talking about that data which is used by the employees to perform their daily tasks.
      • The data at rest means it is not being used, or simply the data stored in hard drives, laptops, etc.
      • And the data always keeps moving from one pace to another, such as from an employee to a business partner.
  1. Now, classification is to be done in terms of Sensitivity.
    • This means to find the uniqueness of the PII.
    • You need to combine the data by taking two or more pieces of the data from the different locations and putting them together to make it capable of identifying an individual.
  1. It is important to delete the old PII, which is out of use now, as it’s not going to be used again. It will be helpful to make sure that no requirement occurs later to fix the error code [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]
    • It will make the personal data of the deactivated user unidentified.
    • After successful deactivation, click the “Delete User PII” in the actions menu at the right of the user list.
    • A box will appear informing you on deleting a user’s PII; click on the “Delete User Pii” option to confirm if you are sure to delete the data of that particular person.
    • After this step, all the personal details of that user will be replaced by the label “Anonymized user.”
    • The count of the total users deleted will be shown on the same page where there is a list of deactivated users but as a notification.

Fixing The Error [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]

People find it hard to fix the error code [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] as it takes lots of time and energy. The problem generally arises because you don’t know what exactly you have to do to fix the error code [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]. Not to worry, it all will be cleared soon, but before that, we need to know why this error occurs.

  • It occurs when the user is working for long on multiple accounts without the catch being cleared.
  • It might occur if the user is not using the web application of Microsoft outlook.
  • Or it may occur due to the corrupted software application while downloading.

You now must be curious to know how to fix the error code [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd]. Look at the three simple steps.

Step 1

Clear cache and cookies to refresh the data, or you can also reboot the MS outlook application. It will most probably fix [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] error. If not then try step 2.

Step 2

Try to use the latest installed version of MS outlook as the latest technology will work better to prevent this error from occurring.

Step 3

Make sure that your PC or laptop supports the latest version of MS outlook. The user should keep a complete backup of his work before deleting the old version.

Step 4

Choose the outlook web application in the navigation panel. While clicking the save button, remember to use the light edition in the checkbox of the web application. At last, you just need to sign in with your registered account. Also, you can use Auto Repair Tool to fix this issue.

Final Words

With that we are completed with the explanation to fix [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] error. If still, you are facing an issue due to this error then you can contact the Outlook support team. They will assist you and fix the issue but you will get official support only if you purchased Outlook from Mircosoft’s official website.

We hope you like this article about the Outlook email [pii_email_cd4b80dbd951adb0d4dd] error. Please let us know in the comment section. Read more outlook Error code solution on Technos Daily.

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