In this article, you’ll find out how relevant betting exchanges are and if they’re going to be the future of online gambling.

About Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are an opportunity to bet on sports matches in various sports that offer a wide variety of different types of games that are offered at nice odds. This is an interesting world for players who love the gambling hobby. For example, marvelbet com every year visits more and more people who love gambling.

The betting exchange is available on most sites and mobile apps available for many to play. As gambling is evolving by leaps and bounds, the betting exchange section is in line with new trends. In the field of betting exchange are new features: virtual games, the ability to play on all devices (including watches), multi bets and live betting. 

New Features

These are new features that have recently become more and more interesting and popular among Bangladesh users. The new introductions to the betting exchange will be listed and described below:

Live Betting

Live betting is the ability to place a bet during a live match. How is it useful? Thanks to the broadcast you can find out about the state of the teams and how the game is going. This type of betting is especially relevant for those sporting disciplines that last for a long time. For sports disciplines such as soccer, cricket and others. 

Virtual Games

Virtual games are games that are made on the analogy of physical sports disciplines, but they are not influenced by internal or external factors. These games are programmed by artificial intelligence. In this mode, there are both local matches and world tournaments and championships. These matches last no longer than 15 minutes.

Games on All Devices

This is the ability to play on iOS and Android mobile devices that support mobile apps that offer a betting exchange. In 2022 and 2023, this is also available on electronic watches, which are designed on operating systems. 

Multi Betting

This is a mode in betting exchanges where multiple bets on different sports disciplines can be added on the same page, where there is a match viewing feature and the ability to bet.

The Legality of Betting Exchanges in Bangladesh

The law is based on the Gambling Act of 1867, which was first drafted as a gambling law, since that time gambling betting has been banned in the country, except for the kitchen. However, foreign websites are not banned as long as the sites have passed the gambling commission and permit from local authorities. The gaming commission of Curacao is one of the important and influential licenses, which are issued only to verified and secure betting shops. Local permits are also issued by authorized authorities, which check the legality of the bookmaker’s activities in the market. 

Sports betting and gambling are only available to users who are of legal age and have confirmed their documents, as gambling by underage users is forbidden by law. This is checked by all bookmaker offices, thanks to the process of verification and proof of identity.

Interesting Representatives of Betting in Bangladesh

Below will be an innovative representative of online gambling, which provide a betting exchange. Marvelbet Bangladesh is a betting company that has won the hearts and respect of Bangladesh users during the period of its operation. This is a company that possesses and provides an extensive line of games for betting, as well as a variety of sports such as sports, cybersports, and virtual sports, among which the user can choose. Here, the user can choose between classic and new types of games that are in line with online gambling trends.

The design and the way all the sections of the site are arranged give players a convenient way to use the betting exchange and use the mobile application not only for regular users but also for new players.

The bookmaker has also created a platform for mobile devices on Android and iOS systems. With private updates and constant optimization of the device, it is available on most models that are on the market.

Marvelbet Bangladesh Betting Exchange

The bookmaker’s office allows users to bet on a wide selection of betting lines, as the betting exchange presents the main types of bets and bets that are included specifically in one sporting discipline.

In the betting exchange, the player can read the information about the composition of the team, the game, and the current state of this or that player, based on which there is an opportunity to make a bet at favorable odds. A betting exchange provides the opportunity to bet not only on classic sports but also cybersports, and virtual games, which gives betting exchanges a future in online gambling. 

Types of bets:

  • The ordinary is the first type of bet that a new user may look at when starting a game. It is a bet on the outcome of only one match, for example, team 1 wins/loses.
  • Express – this is a certain piece in which the user can assemble several express bets on different games. 
  • The system is a variation of express betting combinations, the number of bets must not exceed 16. 
  • Live mode is an innovation that has recently been attracting more and more users, as it allows them to bet while the game is being broadcast live.
  • Multi bet is a section where it is possible to collect several bets in one section, as well as match broadcasts.

Types of Games for Betting

This is more than a thousand sports matches that are available to users daily for more than 30 sports that are filled with a wide range of emotions. These are tournaments of different scales that are provided with interesting odds. Users can choose not only classic sports disciplines but also eSport and V-sport.

Popular types of games among users:

  • Cricket;
  • Golf;
  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Volleyball; 
  • Hockey;
  • Boxing;
  • Handball; 
  • American Football;
  • Biathlon;
  • Australian football;
  • Ski Jumping;
  • Curling.


Cybersport matches are games in computer games, which are filled with dynamics and interesting graphics, the games are also filled with a wide range of emotions and actions. In recent years, computer game tournaments have been gathering global proportions in the world. This section of the games also available basic types of sports betting.

  • Dota 2;
  • Overwatch;
  • CS: GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • -King of Glory.

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sport is a new trend in the gambling industry. It is an imitation of the usual, but the games are programmed by artificial intelligence. Matches last up to 15 minutes and external factors do not affect the outcome of the match, allowing you to make several times more bets. Sophisticated graphics also contribute to the atmosphere of excitement. Common types of games are:

  • Virtual basketball;
  • Virtual football;
  • Virtual tennis.

User Support

This is an important criterion because, during each user’s activity, problems or questions may arise about how a particular section works, and how to place a bet or withdraw a deposit. Support for Bangladesh users is available 24/7, so the user can contact them at any time of the day in any language. As the bookmaker’s platform supports a wide range of foreign languages.

Email is an email to the address of the support service. Social media – this is an innovation that allows users to address in any convenient messenger by writing to an email address. Online chat – this feature, which has become not only a trend but also a good tone for bookmakers, is an opportunity to address users 24/7. 


Betting exchanges in Bangladesh have nice trends to develop in online gambling. This section is added with new features and games that are released every year. Developers also offer users new types of platforms where it is possible to bet on sports. Online gambling provides the necessary trends for the development of bookmakers, which they have to meet.


What is online gambling? 

It is a sector of online gambling and sports betting that is available to users who are of legal age. It is the ability to bet on mobile devices, electronic watches, and other platforms. 

Is it possible for all users to bet on exchanges? 

No, only those users who have passed full registration and identity verification. If a user does not pass these steps, his game account will be frozen.

How can I make a deposit on Marvelbet?

You can make a deposit any way you want. When registering you can choose a convenient currency, and no withdrawal fee is charged.

  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Skrill;
  • WebMoney;
  • Neteller;
  • Paytm;
  • UPI;
  • Jeton Wallet;
  • PhonePe;

How can I check whether I have a license?

Information about licenses is available on the official website, in the “About Us” section.

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