The pandemic has thrown into sharp focus just how important it is to take care of our personal health. In lieu of heading to the Doctor’s surgery for health checks every day, there are some helpful gadgets that exist which allow us to monitor important health markers from home. 

Monitoring these health markers can make sure we are engaging in a preventative approach to personal health, as opposed to waiting for a health issue to arise and trying to manage it.

This post will explore a selection of the best health monitoring gadgets and how to use them for accurate results. 

Fitness Watch

Exercise is beneficial for our bodies in a multitude of ways, namely improving cardiovascular fitness and flexibility, looking after mental health and boosting energy.

The issue is, many of us don’t do enough of it.

Wearable tech has seen a boom in sales over the last few years, and no item as much as fitness watches. These watches not only count our steps but can also monitor sleep, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. 

Fitness watches are a great investment for anybody looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing without incurring too many costs. 

Fitness watches provide a great opportunity for you to monitor vital health markers from your wrist, and can improve performance by encouraging us to take the stairs instead of the escalator, and sleep for longer.

Fitness watches often link to smartphones too, so those who aim for 10,000 steps a day, or strive for a personal best when out running, can now quickly and easily access their results. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is one of the most important markers of health, and having high blood pressue can increase your risk of many chronic conditions such as heart disease and kidney disease.

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is therefore crucial, and blood pressure cuffs allow us to monitor our blood pressue across various settings.

Blood pressure cuffs are simple to apply, they must be wrapped around the upper arm and the user must ensure that the index line falls between the range marks on the cuff. You should check that there is space for two fingers to fit between the arm and the cuff, to avoid applying blood pressure cuff too tightly.

Blood pressure cuffs are completely non-invasive and therefore are excellent for quickly and efficiency checking blood pressure to ensure it is at a healthy level. 

Smart Thermometer

Some smart thermometers allow you to monitor body temperature without direct contact with the body. The use of these thermometers was invaluable during COVID-19 pandemic as it allowed offices, shops, restaurants and bars to check the temperature of those entering, and ensure nobody with a high fever was permitted into the premises.

Smart thermometers often link up with a smartphone app, enabling you to check your results at the touch of a button.

Smart thermometers are set to be a huge part of illness and pandemic prevention in the future, giving users the ability to check their temperature easily from home and therefore stay at home if they are running a fever.

Blood Glucose Monitor

Checking blood sugar levels is crucial for patients with diabetes, but this marker of health can be an important one for all of us.

Doctors believe many cases of diabetes go undiagnosed every year, so if you suspect you are at risk, it may be a good idea to test your blood glucose levels.

You can check your blood sugar levels at home easily by doing a finger prick test, but for people who don’t want to prick their finger there are other options available. These include a continuous glucose monitor, ear lobe tests and breath tests.

The Bottom Line

With doctor’s waiting lists in many countries at an all-time high, it makes sense that we take initiative and better look after our health from the comfort of our own homes.

The health monitoring gadgets listed above allow us to keep track of our health and wellbeing easily. With the added bonus of many of them linking to a handy app on our smartphones, monitoring health markers is easier than ever. Also read about the Types of Drones and read more articles on Technos Daily.

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