Trap Dungeons 2 is a great retro, arcade genre hurdle course game that gives the old-school Nintendo vibes. The goal is simple: you have to make your character jump over spikes and avoid getting killed. 

While this game makes it difficult initially to progress, with time, you’ll get better at it. When you do and get bored of it, there are many other games similar to its gameplay and genre you can try. 

Here are some of the games like Trap Dungeons 2:

It’s a Trap! – Hardcore Adventure 2

If you like adventure and danger, you’ll appreciate It’s a Trap! The game packs in quite a lot of action in the form of a jungle with abandoned buildings, temple ruins, and even mines. It’s like going back into an apocalypse-hit world. 

Of course, the name of the game is survival by avoiding the many traps hidden in these desolate structures. You can run, jump, and fly over these traps and get rewards for it. It’s all about agility in this game and good observation. 

The levels gradually increase the level of difficulty, so you’ll be hooked for a while.

Magic Traps

What could be better than avoiding traps? Avoiding Magic Traps!

This dungeon adventure game has amazing graphics paired with well-defined levels, a total of 73 of them. The higher you go, the difficult it gets, and the more frightening the dungeons get. However, the game’s makers have kept the initial levels very easy, so it won’t take long to advance. 

This game works on magic, not points. With hidden secrets, you can summon even more power. 

There are different modes and the levels depend on the mode you’re playing. 

Survival RPG 2: The Temple Ruins

Survival RPG 2: The Temple Ruins is a great retro game, the sequel to the famous Survival RPG. You explore, take on adventures, and survive quests. As a 2D retro game, it’s quite similar to Trap Dungeons 2. 

The game involves looking for lost treasure, as well as survival activities such as foraging and crafting. Things get interesting with the magical artifact that’s located in the temple ruins, which is a whole adventurous journey in its own right.

Survival RPG 2: The Temple Ruins

Some key features include 7 story chapters, 30 dungeons, 180 items, 70 recipes, and 35 monsters. 

Factory – Trap Adventure, Minimalistic Time Killer

The game Factory – trap adventure, minimalistic time killer may indicate that it’s a casual time-killing game, but don’t be fooled by that as it can get you hooked pretty easily. The concept is quite interesting. 

It’s an offline game, which means you just need to download it and don’t necessarily need active internet to play it. You have a character that moves around in a factory where it has to avoid traps which often feature great physics. 

This is another one of those retro-looking arcade genre games that are becoming very popular these days. While it’s very easy to control the character and move around, the levels are not that easy. 

Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD

Super Cat World: Syobon Action HD is a game for those who love retro games and cats. It’s also one of the most difficult trap games for mobile. 

The character is, of course, a cat that is based on a popular Japanese emoji. The mission is to save the world from the menace of another troll cat. It’s not an average running and jumping game as the jumps need careful coordination. 

It’s actually based on Syobon Action, which is an old Japanese game for PC.  

Wrap Up

In addition to the games above, you can also play Trap Dungeons 2 on PC, which gives a totally different experience, much like playing it in an arcade. Just download the APK file from Apps Playground and play it on an Android emulator on a PC or Mac. 

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