Millions of people around the world use Instagram each day.

Growing your Instagram following seems impossible with the amount of content created each day. You’re competing against other social media influencers and content that may be similar to yours.

While it does take time, skill, and patience, growing your Instagram following is possible! You just have to know what to do to achieve the results you want.

Below is a guide on how to get real Instagram followers. We’ll show you the power of social media marketing.

Do Some Planning Outside of Instagram

It’s important to do some pre-planning work with the help of a private profile viewer for Instagram before creating content and posting on your profile. Sit down with a journal and a pen to brainstorm content ideas.

Start by writing down 3-5 main points of focus within your content. Your tiers may include things like, ‘food’ or ‘fashion’. You can also use more abstract terms such as ‘authenticity’ or ‘motherhood’.

Let these tiers guide your content planning. Jot down ideas you have for content using these words.

If you aren’t sure about the tiers you’d like to create, write down values that are important to you when using Instagram. Do you want to encourage body positivity? Are you hoping to create a more inclusive online gaming space?

Understanding your content goals and mission is important when creating digital marketing plans, whether you’re marketing a business or your own hobbies. Goals don’t have to be complicated either. They can be as simple as wanting to show the world the different food you eat while traveling.

Set Up a Business Profile

Switching your profile to a business account on Instagram is important and helpful when growing your followers. A business account gives you insight into analytics and how many people are viewing your posts.

To switch to a business account, head to your account settings on your Instagram profile. Tap on ‘Account’ and then click ‘Switch to Professional Account’. Follow the prompts to complete the set-up.

Don’t forget to create a killer, concise bio. Use this bio to give people a snapshot of who you are and what they can expect from your account. The bio is crucial when attracting new followers.

On top of creating a bio, select a profile picture. Don’t choose a picture that’s hard to see or too abstract. You’ll want something straightforward and appealing.

Don’t forget to include a website link in your bio if you have one. Copy and paste a link to some of your work, a site, or a podcast you’ve recently recorded.

Create a Posting Schedule

To grow your Instagram follower count, post consistently.

Current followers enjoy keeping track of new posts. It gives them something to look forward to. Consider creating a reliable schedule of posting to get into the habit of posting enough content.

New followers viewing your profile will be attracted to the fact you post often. It’s disappointing to follow a creator and then notice they never post anything.

If you have trouble with remembering to post content, use a phone app that allows you to create and schedule content. All you have to do is upload what you want to post, and the app will post it on the date you set.

You can also buy a planner specifically for content creation. Sit down every Sunday or Monday and plan your content for the week. Don’t forget to keep this planner in a visible area!

Create Killer Content

For successful social media marketing, you’ll need to create high-quality, killer content. Your content must stand out from the rest to gain attention on such a high-traffic social media app.

There are several things to remember when creating killer content, and we’ll review those now.

Use a Unique Perspective or Creative Touch

The marketing industry would be boring if every ad and video looked the same. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on your content to build your following.

Using your unique perspective on your content allows your content to be more personable. Followers will see you aren’t a copycat of what’s already on the internet. They’ll appreciate how you see the world around you.

People also enjoy unique, creative touches on content because it shows you put effort into what you create. You aren’t stealing from other creators because you’re too busy blazing your own trail.

Produce High-Quality Work

It’s obvious when creators start to rush their work. Things appear sloppy, untouched, and careless. Avoid this by spending the time needed to make high-quality work.

Develop a daily schedule that allows you to accomplish your daily tasks and other work responsibilities in addition to giving you time to create content. Following a schedule that works for you will take trial and error, but you’ll eventually find your groove.

When uploading your content, guarantee your images are clear, your videos aren’t lagging, and your captions are error-free.

Be Proud of Your Content

How do you expect others to love your killer content if you don’t even like it? Produce content you’re proud of, and don’t let any negativity change your style.

You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but your confidence in your work will gain the traction you’re wanting. Don’t be afraid to switch things up or try a new approach if you aren’t sold on the content you’re releasing.

Take Advantage of Instagram’s Features

Instagram offers a large array of features to use to build your following. Using all of these features will give you a leg up on the competition, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Create a natural flow, not a pushy one.

Instagram Stories

Everyone knows you can post permanent posts to your personal grid, but did you know you can make 24-hour stories for your followers to view? Instagram stories are great ways to share quick updates, funny pictures, and polls.

Give followers a behind-the-scenes look into your creative process by creating Instagram stories. Share the small mistakes or victories through short videos and Boomerangs. You can even add music to each story!

Even if you appear serious and professional on your permanent grid, using the Stories feature is an awesome way to show pieces of your true personality.

Instagram Reels

Use Instagram Reels to create short, exciting videos to capture the attention of current and potential followers. With Reels, you have the ability to share on your personal feed while also sharing to the public Reels section of Instagram.

Because of this, your followers will see your Reels update, and those who don’t follow you have a chance of discovering you through the Reels tab. Make your Reels exciting so people want to follow you!

Try out different video techniques with captions, video effects, and music. Explore the Reels tab for inspiration if you’re running out of video ideas.

Live Streaming

Connect with your followers in real-time by using the live streaming feature. Followers can watch you and leave comments on an active chat board.

Live streams are good ways to chat about the projects you’re currently working on, or you can host a live Q&A session by using the live chat feature. Or take the time to ask how everyone’s been doing!

Have you received any product or brand deals through your content marketing? Many influencers show off products from brand deals during their live streams. It’s an excellent marketing tactic.

Focus on Engagement

Posting consistent content is important, but don’t forget to focus on engagement. Followers enjoy connecting with their favorite creators, even if it’s through a post comment.

Sift through the comments on your posts, and take time to reply to some. Answer any questions you’re getting, and thank people for their kind words.

If you aren’t able to address every comment, try your best to at least ‘like’ a majority of the comments to show your followers you’re taking the time to read feedback.

Utilize Instagram Stories to build engagement. The Stories feature allows for Q&A, polls, and quizzes.

Did you notice a few negative comments? Decide if they’re worth responding to because many people leave negative comments to get a reaction out of someone.

Leave a personal, well-tailored reply if you feel like you should respond to criticism. Send a private message if you feel as if it should be addressed outside of the public eye.

Tricks and Tips to Gain Real Instagram Followers

Content marketing on Instagram can be tough, but use the above tips and tricks to gain real Instagram followers for your page. Be patient with the process, and stick with it even if you’re discouraged.

Post consistent, high-quality content that’s unique to gain attention. Utilize all of the features Instagram offers, and don’t forget to engage with your following.

For more technology tips and tricks, check out the rest of our site. We offer plenty of reads on everything from technology reviews to business and marketing.

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