• If you play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War every day, you might be aware of the recently introduced Gunfight Tournament. The latest game mode lets players win exclusive rewards and tons of XP.

The rules are pretty simple. If your team wins six rounds, you win the match. Everyone has the same loadout, which is randomized every two rounds.

Love it or hate it, Gunfight is one of the most intense gameplays in the game. However, since the gunfights are drastically different from regular gameplay, you might need to change your playstyle and adopt an aggressive approach.

Here are some tips that might help you improve your chances of winning in this fast-paced gameplay, and if you want to know about this particular mode, click here battlelog.co/cod-black-ops-cold-war-hacks-cheats-aimbot-esp/.

1. Communication is key

Be it any multiplayer game, the most important thing is teamwork and communication. If you are playing Gunfight, you are probably playing with your friend. The 2v2 game mode can be pretty fun if you communicate with your partner.

For example, if you just killed an enemy and it’s a 2v1, you can quickly kill the other by talking to your teammate and letting him know if you want to play passive or aggressive. The same can be used the other way.

2. Always listen to footsteps

Do you know why gaming headphones are so expensive? Because they let you hear your enemy’s footsteps accurately. In a fast-paced online multiplayer game like COD, audio is the key to victory.

Since the Gunfight game mode area is limited, good headphones can help you figure out where the enemies are. If you can hear enemy footsteps accurately, you can play more aggressively and easily win several rounds.

3. Play aggressive

If you love to play passive, then Gunfight might not be for you. Since the rounds in this mode are pretty short and the map small, playing hyper aggressively is the way to go. However, it doesn’t translate to playing blindly and running your way around corners, hoping you will kill the enemy first.

Strategy is undoubtedly the key to victory. Even if you lose a couple of rounds, don’t rush in. Remember that defense is as important as offense.

3. Always check loadout

The Gameplay mode changes your loadout every two rounds, so make sure you check it out frequently. Also, always check the type of weapon you are given and set to your preferred firing mode.

One common mistake players make is going all Rambo on the enemy only to realize that the gun they have is a burst weapon, not a fully automatic one.

4. Try to reach the center of the map first

As absurd as it may sound, positioning yourself near the center of the map is a good idea. Sometimes you might find it hard to push forward if the enemy has advanced too much.

Zoning out your enemy is one way to win a round; killing them is the other. Sometimes you can simply win by planting the flag quickly or killing the one who is trying to.

5. Camp Spawn

If you manage to win some rounds at the start of the game, try camping your spawn and sniping off incoming enemies. While this may not fit your playstyle, sometimes you will face enemies who will simply rush to the middle of the map and die instantaneously.

If you notice that your enemies just rush to mid, this controversial approach might be worth considering.

6. Flank enemies

Another overlooked technique is flanking. You’ll be surprised to notice that most players never cover their backs when playing this game mode. Instead, try to communicate with your teammate and know the enemy’s position, and stab them in the back.

Once you know where they are, you can try to flank them.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks helped you become a better player in COD Black Ops Cold War Gunfight mode. Gunfight mode is significantly different compared to regular COD and enables you to stack up exclusive weapons and gear. If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments down below!

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