If you have not done so yet, start to have cybersecurity in mind this 2022 and also do not forget to have cyberprivacy-related matters in mind.

Having these in mind means learning more about cybersecurity and gaining a great deal of awareness.

Awareness is super essential; in practice, it means that when you are sitting at a Starbucks using a potentially wide-open WiFi network you need to practice real-time awareness.

Supposed you need to connect to your online banking, you ensure all feasible layers of privacy are in place, such as a VPN on your smartphone and laptop. Also, even for your just casually browsing, a hacker could be lurking those unsecured networks attempting to hack your devices.

Cyber awareness is just like being aware of your surroundings when walking in an unsafe neighbourhood late at night.

Being aware of the need of a reputable cybersecurity solution which can detect known and even zero-day exploits that are not known yet is also an important piece of the puzzle.

This type of awareness more specifically pertains to malware and antimalware antivirus applications including a deep level of awareness of free online scan for viruses offers and their inherent risks.

Keep in mind that these apps analyze suspicious behaviour patterns of applications on your endpoint devices.

Experienced reputable cybersecurity firms developed applications with algorithms to detect suspicious code logic running on your devices in a real-time fashion.

Mind December 2021 Cyberattacks

December 2021 has been a good indicator that 2022 will be another massively challenging year for cyber security labs with ever-increasing risks reported. This data should further encourage readers of this blog to be minding their cyber security.

Let’s list a few cyberattacks reported within the first third of December 2021.

  • Over 1.6 Million WordPress websites have targeted related themes and plugin exploits.
  • US food importer Atalanta was subject to a ransomware cyber attack. This led to urgently hiring third-party cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident thoroughly.
  • The French state-owned public transportation giant, RATP, exposed the data of 57,000 employees and source code.
  • An attack of the ransomware type on payroll provider Frontier Software leaked private data on Australian government workers.

Mind the Cybersecurity Solution

Minding cybersecurity solutions is the most critical first step in the process. Suppose your endpoint devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones are not protected by a reputable cyber security product. In that case, your first step is to look for such companies and download and install a free trial.

During the free trial, consider several factors such as ease of use and user experience (UX). Also, have other factors such as the quality and efficacy of company-curated online help documentation.

Looking for third-party reviews of the product is key to establishing a decision you can be more confident in.

Also, customer reviews can make a massive difference, especially if the reviews are of long time satisfied customers.

Once you have established a confident and firm opinion of the product, do not hesitate to purchase a full copy of the application to ensure uninterrupted protection across all your and your family’s endpoint devices.

Cyber Mind Your Own Business

If you have a business while looking for that free trial, make sure they have a business solution. If you liked the product for personal use, chances are you will also like it for your business.


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