In the current age, you can’t have a business without technology. Having an eye for business alongside expert tech knowledge will help give you a step up in your career. In particular, completing an MBA will help you learn the latest business management styles.

Then, you can take this and apply it to your knowledge of technology. There are plenty of careers you can chase including Data Analytics Training, cyber security, and sales engineering. Throughout this article, we will tell you what to look for in an MBA course, what skills you will learn, and detail some of the career paths you can follow.

What Is An MBA?

An MBA is a widely recognized master’s degree in business administration. Throughout the course, students are taught current business management trends to boost their position. With an MBA, people across the business world, public sector, government, and private sector will recognize your abilities. 

If you feel as though you’re ready to take the next step, you can complete an MBA online. Studying online will give you great flexibility because you can continue working alongside your course. During your course, like this MBA online by Kettering Global, you will be educated by some of the leading minds in the business world. No matter where you are, you can complete an MBA and it will be recognized internationally, which is fantastic news if you’re looking to combine these skills with tech knowledge. 

What to Look for In an MBA Program

There are a few things you’ll want to look for when deciding on the right MBA program. Here are some examples:

Creative and Critical Thinking

Technology is constantly evolving, which means that you need to be able to change alongside it. Therefore, you need to find a course that will teach you critical thinking and creative thinking. With this, you can approach problems head-on and solve them using innovation. When you’re searching for a course, you need to make sure that innovation is at the forefront, especially when you are going onto a career involved in technology. 

Hands-On Experience

When it comes to tech work, your experience in the field will outweigh your educational attainment. Therefore, when you’re searching for a course, you should make sure it offers the opportunity to work within your chosen field.

If you can’t find a course that allows for physical experience, you should choose one that emulates reality through their courses. For example, you may need to complete assignments that allow you to solve problems that you will find in the tech industry. For instance, your course may pit you against fellow students in a race to come up with services within a set amount of time, which is a technique that will be handy later in your career.

Once you’ve graduated and you’re looking for a position, you may be up against competition from fellow MBA holders. If this is the case, your hands-on experience will put you in a better position than those without. 

A Large Network

Collaboration and building a strong network are crucial to success in the business world. Therefore, you should search for an MBA course from a school that can put you in touch with their alumni, classmates, and professors. Further, your chosen school may have partnerships with leading tech firms, which you can benefit from. When you come to applying for a job in any sector, sometimes it comes down to who you know as opposed to what you know. 

What Will You Learn from an MBA?

There are many things you will learn on your MBA journey, including the following:

Data Management

Tech companies are in a constant state of evolution, especially when it comes to the collection and management of data. Therefore, MBA graduates that can prove effective data management are more likely to thrive in the industry. As well as teaching you how to manage data effectively, an MBA will train you to apply this to the real world.

The world is constantly shifting, and data is a vital part of growing a business. Therefore, small and large businesses are searching for tech-minded people with data handling know-how. 

Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership and teamwork go hand in hand. However, learning leadership isn’t something that everyone has naturally. For example, someone who completes a degree in computer science will have technical knowledge without leadership skills. Therefore, completing the MBA can fill the gap by instilling leadership into students. 

When it comes to getting a job, demonstrating leadership qualities is important even when you’re not applying for a leadership role. For example, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows this, as he told CNN that he would only hire people to work directly for him that he would be happy to work for.

Futureproof Skills

Technology and businesses are constantly changing, so it’s important to learn durable skills that will be applicable in the future. Alongside traditional areas of business, like accounting, marketing, and finance, an MBA will integrate communication skills into everything you do. Further, you will be taught to think creatively and solve problems using innovation. With these skills, no matter what happens in the industry, you will be equipped to deal with them. 

How to Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Tech startups of varying sizes run their operations as if they are startups, which attempts to take into account the entrepreneurial mindset of its employees. When businesses work like startups, leadership decisions are made horizontally. With this in mind, being able to bring ideas to the table will put you in a favorable position with the C-Suite. 

If you’re looking to dominate in the tech world, you can start on your MBA course. The majority of courses set out to encourage students to become their own boss. This entrepreneurial nurturing allows students to fully grasp the momentum, innovation, and autonomy of the tech industry. 

Tech Careers Available with an MBA

Once you’ve finished your MBA, there are plenty of careers you can do that are perfectly tailored to technology. Below, we will explore our favorite choices. 

Data Analyst

Data analysis is an important part of any business, especially now online shopping has become the preferred method. Project managers and marketers need to know exactly how customers are behaving so that they can tailor their content to match. 

With an MBA, you will be able to help businesses navigate the world of big data. Further, you will be able to present the data in an understandable narrative that can inform plans for business growth. To become a data analyst, you are looking at a desirable opening annual salary of around $67,000. 

Cyber Security

Businesses are always under the threat of attacks from cybercriminals. Therefore, there is a constant need for cybersecurity analysts. In this role, you would get to combine your tech knowledge and your business insights to ensure that threats are combated. In your remit, you may need to think innovatively and solve problems at an extremely fast rate. 

To go into this role, you will need to ensure that as well as your MBA, your tech skills are up to date. Cybercriminals are using state-of-the-art tech to try and breach businesses. Therefore, you will need to ensure you can use the latest tech. Your hard work will be rewarded in this role because you can expect to earn a six-figure salary. 

Product Manager

In this role, you will need to draw on your knowledge of customers and tech. You will be observing customer needs and applying them to the goals of the company. With this, you need to understand the user experience. With a team of hardworking tech gurus, you will oversee the creation of new products and services. You will also be expected to carry out research and analyze data, which will inform your decisions. 

Having an MBA will equip you well for this role because you will be taught how to communicate effectively for liaising with the C-Suite executives. You will drive your team and inspire innovation within this, which is something you will learn throughout your course. 

Sales Engineer

As mentioned earlier, consumers are shopping online more than in brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, businesses need to use technology to bring the sales team and the customers together. In the role of the sales team, you will use your expertise in business alongside your technological understanding to help close this gap. By developing tech solutions, you will support the sales team to better reach their customers. 

In this role, you will be expected to make quick decisions and solve problems through innovation. You will need to keep up to date with the changing world and ensure that your solutions keep your business ahead of competitors. Your annual salary in this role will be around $79.000. 

Business and technology go hand in hand these days. Having a proven knowledge of both areas can propel your career forward into prestigious roles. By completing an MBA, you will be taught how to communicate like a pro, think innovatively, follow business trends, and manage teams effectively.

To pivot into a role in the tech industry, your knowledge of the business will help you translate technology into a narrative that other people can understand. An investment in business and technology will cement your career for the foreseeable future.

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