In the 2023 Cyber Threat Report from SonicWall, malware experienced its first uptick since 2018, increasing to 5.5 billion attacks, or 2% more than the previous year. This is one of many numbers that prove that identity theft and data breaches have never been more prevalent than they are today.

With the threat of cyber attacks being so real, everyone needs to take protective measures when it comes to using the internet. That includes using common utilities like downloading files from the web.

But how can you ensure the files you download from the web aren’t infected with malware? And how can you avoid downloading malicious code in the future?

Read on for some practical tips that will keep you safe on the internet.

Keep Your Software Updated

Ensure that all your software, including your operating system and applications, is up-to-date. Developers constantly release updates that often contain patches for security vulnerabilities. It will ensure you have the latest data protection against potential cybersecurity threats.

Download From Trusted Sources

Always download software, apps, and files from trusted sources. Use official app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These are usually known for their rigorous security checks.

Avoid downloading software from unofficial sources. It is more likely to harbor malicious code.

Use Reliable Antivirus Software

Investing in a reputable antivirus software is a must. These programs are designed to scan your downloads and files for potential threats.

They can identify and quarantine malicious code, preventing it from infecting your system. Ensure that your antivirus software is updated to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Enable Your Firewall

A computer firewall acts as a barrier to potential threats from the internet. Make sure your firewall is enabled to filter out malicious content and unauthorized access attempts. Adjust the settings to suit your security needs and block unnecessary incoming connections.

Practice Safe Email Habits

Email malware is a common vector for spreading malicious code. Be cautious when opening attachments or clicking on links in emails.

Use spam filters to reduce the likelihood of receiving phishing emails. Also, verify the legitimacy of email attachments before downloading them.

Educate Yourself About EDR Solutions

To enhance your cybersecurity knowledge, it’s essential to understand what is EDR solution is. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions are cybersecurity tools that monitor and analyze endpoint activities on your devices.

They can detect and respond to suspicious behavior. Also, they provide an extra layer of security against malicious code. Consider implementing this solution to bolster your defenses.

Be Cautious With Pop-Ups and Ads

Pop-up ads can be annoying, but they can also lead to downloading malicious code if you’re not careful. Avoid clicking on pop-ups and ads that promise too-good-to-be-true offers. These are often tactics used by cybercriminals to trick users into downloading malware.

How Can You Avoid Downloading Malicious Code?

In conclusion, it is essential to be cautious and take preventive measures while downloading any type of content from the internet to avoid malicious code. Keep your devices updated, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and use reliable antivirus software.

If you don’t know how can you avoid downloading malicious code, then take these simple steps starting today!

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