Memory cards are external data carriers that allow you to store any files, incl. photos, applications, music, games, or documents. These types of storage media are especially useful when using the Internet on the phone, but they work with most devices available on the market, such as cameras, headphones, MP3 players, or tablets.

The most popular cards are micro SD and SD cards. The products have no moving parts, which affects their durability and security of data storage. They have different speed classes.

About SD Card

The memory card is one of the most important components inside the device, including car and sports cameras. Therefore, it is important to correctly select it in terms of capacity. If you have already selected the right card for your device, it is worth finding out what exactly is the formatting of such a card and why it is done. Thanks to this, you can use the device many times and you will not have to worry about the lack of space on the card due to overwriting of unnecessary data.

What card size will be appropriate?

Many people wonder which memory card to choose for their car camera. The absolute minimum will be the choice of 32GB capacity. This will allow us to record the image continuously for about 4 hours at the Full HD resolution. Keep in mind the target bitrate of the recording, so we will choose a card with a capacity adapted to our requirements.

We can also choose cards with higher capacity, such as 64GB or even 128GB. Larger capacities are especially recommended for those who intend to leave the webcam on standby during a stop in order to be able to record everything that is happening in the parking lot. When we have a sports camera at the same time, it is also worth choosing cards with larger capacities here, but adapt it to the scope of application.

What is SD card formatting?

Before you learn how to format a memory card for a camera, phone, or other device, it’s worth explaining what it means to format a memory card. This is the process by which all files on the device (hard drive, SSD, micro SD card, etc.) will be destroyed. The medium will be wiped and the data stored on it will be completely deleted – you cannot view or use it.

Ways of formatting a SD card

There are many ways to clean up a data carrier. How to format a micro SD memory card on a computer in the case of PC not reading SD card? You can use Windows Explorer for this. Insert the chip (e.g. SanDisk memory card) into the reader and connect them together to the device. In newer models, you will insert the chip directly into the laptop. Then go to My Computer and right-click on the drive icon. Choose Format. The last step is to define the file system and set the label. After clicking on the Start button, the process will begin.

How do I format a SD card in a different way on a computer? You can use the Disk Management utility. To start with, right-click on My Computer and select Manage. In the menu on the left, point to the Disk Management section, and then find the type of medium you want to format in the central window. From this level, you will format the disk and perform more actions, e.g. edit the name or paths.

Bonus: Format a SD card on a Mac

Or if you want to format a SD card on a Mac? A computer with Apple-branded software also has disk formatting tools. To run them, just insert the data carrier into the slot on the computer and then go to the Finder. There, click Applications, Tools, Disk Utilities. In the sidebar that appears, select the SD card to be formatted and select Erase. Once the process is complete, just click Done.

How do I format a SD card? Whether you are using a Sandisk SD memory card or a third-party device, you can also format from your computer. In addition to the above-mentioned methods, it is also worth trying special, dedicated disk management software, eg MiniTool Partition Wizard. The application can not only delete, but also recover accidentally lost data.

Final Words

If you want to clean your SD card from data that you will no longer need, the best solution is to format it. However, we must be aware that all data from the card will be irretrievably and permanently deleted!

Formatting the memory card is the key process to ensure that your device and the card will function properly. After all, the memory card is the most important element because it stores the data that is important to us. I hope that the above tips will help you format the card correctly and keep the relevant data on it.

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