The One-Time Password (OTP) authentication method has gained popularity in India due to the rise of financial fraud. Confirmation of transactions on the Internet using the OTP number is an additional security measure. Therefore, if you are transacting online on Indian websites, you will need a phone number with a country code. Use the services of virtual telephony from HotTelecom to confirm the transaction anywhere in the world using the OTP number.

Virtual Indian Numbers of Any Type

Contacting HotTelecom, you can choose the volume of virtual telephony services that you need for doing business or personal contacts:

  • One-time numbers for receiving SMS messages with OTP code;
  • The virtual mobile phone number for regular communication and receiving SMS;
  • Toll-free numbers to maintain customer support service;
  • Indian landline number with many additional features such as an auto attendant, call routing and control, etc.;
  • And even a virtual PBX.

What Should You Do to Get an Indian Number from HotTelecom?

Getting the virtual phone number optimal for your purposes is very simple. It is enough to register on the HotTelecom website and consider different options for virtual telephony. When the choice is made, click on the “Buy Indian Virtual Phone Number” button and proceed to the service order form:

  • Specify the type of virtual number you need.
  • Select country and city from the drop-down lists.
  • From the proposed phone numbers, pick the one that you like.
  • Specify where the system should redirect calls.
  • Pay for the service and wait for confirmation.

After that, you can use the virtual number for as long as you need. If you want this number only to receive an OTP code, you can use disposable numbers to receive SMS. It is fast, cheap, and very convenient. And what is very important, it is safe and accessible from anywhere in the world.

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