Did you know that solar power capacity has grown to over 97 gigawatts which is enough to power the equivalent of 18 million homes in America?

Nowadays, more than 3% of U.S. electricity comes from solar energy in the form of PV panels. If you’ve made your way to this article, we can assume you want to jump on the solar train.

Before diving in headfirst, there are things you should know. The most important is how to hire residential solar agencies.

Keep reading to learn the steps of finding a trustworthy and professional solar company.

Compile a List of Local Solar Providers

When you plan to hire residential solar agencies, you first need to compare solar providers by compiling a list.

Create a document where you can easily compare local services and their prices. Small and local businesses are often the best and most convenient options but look at national companies in your state as well.

To discover solar near you, do a simple Google search for solar companies in your area.

Check Company Credentials

Whether you choose a small or large company, their credentials are going to be more important than their size.

Companies might advertise how long they’ve been in business or how many solar systems they’ve installed on their website. Check their website for information about roofs they’ve worked with in the past as well.

Along with experience, find out if a company has credentials. Certifications are necessary for installing solar panels. If they don’t have this information on their site, call and ask or check the state licensing board.

Read Online Reviews

Online customer reviews can tell you a lot about the solar installation experience and customer service. Going solar is complicated, so you’ll want to work with an agency that makes the process as smooth as possible.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, and Google reviews are all places you can look for customer reviews. Note the general impression you find from reviews.

Pay attention to the ratio of positive to negative reviews. If multiple negative reviews talk about the same issue, the company might not be the best choice.

Compare Costs

You’ll likely have a solar system budget in mind before you start your search. Compare the costs of the different solar companies you are interested in to see if there are any outliers.

A solar company that is cheaper or more expensive than the average won’t offer you the best bang for your buck.

There are different ways to finance solar panels. If you have a certain payment method in mind, make sure the companies you are looking into offer that option.

Comparing costs should help you narrow down your list of prospective agencies. Once you have a shortlist, call each company to request a quote to get a more accurate picture of pricing.

Hire Residential Solar Agencies That Make Installation Easy

Implementing a residential solar system is a complicated process so you’ll want to hire residential solar agencies that make installation easy. The easiest way to compare local and national companies is through a compiled list.

Once you have it, note each solar company’s credentials, read online reviews, and compare costs.

With the information in this guide, you’ll have what you need to make the best decision for your home. Start your journey to going solar now and don’t forget to keep coming back to our website for more articles like this.

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