Way back in the 1960s, record players were wildly popular. Despite the accessibility of music consumption, music lovers are entering a new Golden Age. The tactile quality of vinyl records is both a need and a barrier for new vinyl record firms. Well-maintained records can endure decades, while those that are not will quickly deteriorate and become unplayable.

This article will guide you on maintaining a record player most effectively and completely while also providing some simple maintenance on a budget. Consider these tips to preserve your vinyl records and enjoy them as intended.

Proper Storage

The first step is storing your irreplaceable records in a safe place when they’re not in use. You can protect your records from warping with a few care tips. Warping your records will happen if you lay them down flat, so be sure to keep them stored vertically.

Also, dust and dirt are the audiophiles’ worst enemy, and the best defense is to prevent all of these vinyl-destroyers from occurring in the first place. You will ruin your entire collection if you don’t store your records in their sleeves and in the record jackets. The objective of having storage is to preserve the record as dust- and dirt-free as possible.

Providing Outer and Inner Sleeves

Typically, records ship with no additional outer sleeve protection, and in certain cases, even paper inner sleeves are provided. We’ll want to consider implementing a few upgrades to ensure our records stand the test of time. Inner sleeves that are made from cheap paper provide little protection to records.

Bubbles and little pieces of paper can adhere to the vinyl and cause minor scuffs and scratches over time. This issue is made worse because there are no antistatic characteristics, so the record is prone to getting scratches since it repeatedly gets taken out of the sleeve. Protecting the record further from dust and preserving the cover art from wearing are benefits of using an outer record sleeve.

Handle Records in a Better Manner

Even if we try to keep our hands as clean as possible, the natural oils from our skin don’t help the record’s surface. Keep away from all parts of the record that have a usable groove. Instead, treat your vinyl with care on the outside and inside. When inserting or removing the disc from the sleeve, our fingertips mustn’t slip on the part of the record where the labels start.

Use Carbon Fiber Record Cleaner Brush Before And After Playback

A carbon fiber record brush is also beneficial for regular playback. Briefly, we want to make sure we use the carbon fiber record brush before and after each side of the vinyl record is played. Using this every day will keep our recordings dust-free while also lengthening the life of your stylus. In case the needle or the cartridge breaks, consider getting a decent replacement like the Jico stylus. 

Cleaning Records

Regularly caring for your records helps them survive longer, but it’s also a good idea to clean them, especially if you’re buying old recordings.

After purchasing records, you must clean them since dirt, grease, and dust will cause poor sound quality, as well as pops and clicks. Bad recordings can destroy your stylus. The vinyl production process frequently leaves dirt and release agents behind, especially near the source. Thus, a quick clean before playback is beneficial. Also read more articles on Technos Daily.

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