One of the most basic concepts of networking is that every computer, device, and network has a unique address. These addresses, which are assigned by organizations that manage the Internet (like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN), are called IP addresses.

What is ping?

Ping is a way to send data from one computer to another using a network. In our case, we’re using ping to test whether a website is working properly. We can use ping to check for connectivity to other computers on the internet, and we can also use it to see if a website is working properly.


The following are some advantages of the Ping test :

  1. Ping tests are much cheaper than real-time monitoring.
  2. They don’t require a ton of hardware or a complicated setup.
  3. The data is far more valuable than the device itself.
  4. Ping tests are far less susceptible to tampering.
  5. Ping tests are much easier to get up and running.

What is the purpose of pinging the IP address?

Ping the IP address is a tool used in digital marketing to track data from a visitor’s device. Data points collected include device type, operating system, browser, language, and time zone. Ping is also used to determine the location of the visitor. When a visitor visits a website, a ping is sent to the visitor’s computer or mobile device to see if it can return an IP address (address assigned to the device).

Working of Ping Tool

It’s easy to access the ping test tool. The following are the working of the Ping :

  1. Just click on the ping tool icon and follow the steps to perform a ping test. You can ping any domain or IP address.
  2. The ping test results will provide you with information about the current IP address or domain’s connectivity.
  3. To get started, click on the “Ping Now” button. This will open the Ping test page.
  4. Enter the domain or IP address and click on “ping”. You will see a list of results.
  5. The results will tell you whether the IP address is online or not. 

If the IP address is online and responds to pings, you should see the following data:

  • Response time – this tells you the time taken for the IP address to respond. It is measured in milliseconds.
  • Packets sent and received – these are the number of packets sent and received by the IP address.
  • Data transferred – this shows the amount of data transferred in both directions.
  • Response code – if the IP address is responding, this is the reply code. A reply code of 0 indicates that the IP address is responding. A reply code of 1 indicates that the IP address is unreachable.

If the IP address is not online or doesn’t respond, you will see the following data:

  •  No data loss – this means that the IP address is online and responding to pings.
  •  Time out – this means that the IP address is unreachable.
  •  Request failed – this means that the IP address was not able to send the ping request.
  •  Host unreachable – this means that the IP address could not be contacted.
  •  Not available – this means that the IP address is not responding.

What is a good ping response time?

A good ping response time is the time it takes your site to return a ping request from a client’s browser. Ping times can vary depending on the site load and your server speed, but a good ping time is typically less than 100ms.

Why is my ping so high?

We’ve all experienced it. We log into our webmail client and our inbox seems to be filled with hundreds of messages.  It turns out that if you check your ping level, it gives you an indication of the number of messages that are stored in your mailbox. Messages that haven’t been processed by a spam filter and are in your inbox may be causing your ping level to rise. To solve the problem, just check your spam folder and remove messages from there.

To ping an IP is illegal?

Your IP address is pretty much public information like your street address or house address. People can use this information for many reasons, like tracking down thieves or for other illegal activities. But what some do with your IP can become unlawful. Some people do things online without realizing that they are being watched. If you are going to be doing something that you don’t want to be seen, it is better to avoid using your IP.

It is OK to ping Google DNS?

Some people still don’t understand that it’s completely fine to ping your own domain name when using Google Cloud DNS. In fact, the only thing I’d recommend changing is making sure you’re not being routed through your own DNS server.

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