Do you love playing Rust? If yes, then you must be aware of the major tips that can help you to grab wonderful gameplay experiences. Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game that was first released in 2013 and released in 2018 with full version. Earlier, the game was available on Microsoft Windows and macOS, but as time passes, it was also released for various consoles with a full version in May 2021. 

The people who are fond of playing Rust must be aware of various rust hacks so that they can use them properly at the right time. If people are not aware of the various hacks, they might face trouble in dealing with various situations where hacks are required to be used. Not all the missions are available in the game can be completed without using hacks. It is a must for people to learn about the various cheats and hacks for better gameplay experiences. 

The game was developed by Facepunch Studios under double eleven and is currently available in beta. Now people can experience playing Rust on multiple platforms, and they are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game genre is survival which shows that people have to fight for their survival in this game. The people who are not aware of the playing tips of Rust can consider the following details. 

First Night Alone 

  • First and the major tip you must pay attention to for having a great gameplay experience in Rust is the first night alone. It indicates that you have to spend your first night alone with no weapons or guidance when you enter the game. 
  • When you begin your gameplay, you will receive a rock, torches, and two bandages, as when you enter the game, there will be proper darkness. 
  • Sometimes don’t see properly and get hit, due to which you start bleeding. You can know that you are bleeding by watching your health bar, which is above the screen. 
  • When you get hurt, don’t try to use the bandage to regain your health because it will remove it’s debuff. If you want to regain your health, you should consider grabbing various food items as food items can help you stay fit and healthy. 
  • The first thing you need to perform after getting into the game is getting some wood for building a hatchet, the basic campfire, and the shelter. 
  • Once you collect the wood, you have to grab some stone, and it will help you stay safe from various situations in the further gameplays. Stones are very helpful in completing various tasks, such as helps to start a fire and many others.

The Way of the World

  • Another major tip that you must consider while playing Rust online is to pay attention to the way of the world. Once you pay attention to this tip, it will help you familiarise yourself with the absolute basics of playing Rust. 
  • When you start playing Rust, then on the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see three parts covering calories, radiation, and health options which you need to pay attention to. 
  • It is your main statistics in the game and covers how many injuries you can take before dying when it comes to health. If you don’t understand the world’s way, you can consider using appropriate rust hacks for better results. 
  • Calories help you know how many actions you can perform, and the main elements for increasing your calories are water and food. If you drop your calories to zero due to any reason, you will begin to lose your health. 
  • After calories, it comes to the radiation, which is the last stats you need to pay attention to for your good health and gameplay experiences. 
  • Radiation mainly starts from 0 and higher it goes above 500, so make sure that your radiation will be stable and won’t go above 500; otherwise, it will lead you to face radiation poisoning. To keep your radiation stable, you can avoid eating food like meat and consider taking anti-radiation pills.

Gateway into a New World

  • Many people consider playing Rust, but due to some reasons, they are not aware of the proper playing tips, but no worries as this tip will help you to have a safe gameplay experience in Rust. 
  • When you consider two play Rust, make sure that you will pay attention to The Gateway into a New World factor as it will help you move into the new world by entering into a gate by considering some major aspects.  
  • When you enter the game, you will get to know about the Furnace, which you will need to smelt to get your weapons with better quality. 
  • You will require 15 stones, ten low-grade fuel, and 20 planks of wood for making a furnace. The low-grade fuel will be grabbed from the animal fat and clothes, meaning you need to kill the animals, and from it, you will grab two animal fat and one cloth. 
  • Make sure that you will grab more than ten on-hand aspects as Furnace uses the item as constant fuel with it. The Furnace is similar to the campfire, and you need to hit the use key to open the Furnace and place your metal and sulphur inside for smelting. 
  • The Furnace will help you get metal fragments and sulphur, which can be used to craft better things and help you to grab better results. The furnace can be used for tanning clothes to convert them into leather form. 

Movin’ On Up

  • While playing Rust, it is also important for you to handle the basics as there are some situations when you need to protect yourself from various dangerous animals. 
  • When you consider dealing with dangerous situations, you must pay attention to Movin’ on up tip. This tip will help you stay safe from dangerous animals and other situations. 
  • First of all, you need to build a simple shark, a wooden shelter in the small wooden box form, which will help you be safe from Rust’s harsh world. 
  • Once you succeed in collecting 80 planks of wood, try to find the safest hiding spot and craft your shelter, and if you don’t find the safest spot, you can take help from rust hacks. The shelter building process will take 50 planks of wood, and you will be remaining with 30 planks of wood that you can use in other aspects like in the construction of a wooden door. 
  • Once you are ready with your shelter, you can stay inside it and pass your night without facing any risky situations. The animals outside your shelter or door cannot open the door as the door can only be opened by you. 
  • You can keep yourself safe from the dangerous animals and the situations going on outside your shelter in the night-time. The night is more dangerous than the daytime, making it compulsory for the people to build their shelter.

Trust No One or Someone

  • One and the most important tip that you must consider while playing Rust online is never trust anyone or someone as it is an online multiplayer game in which you have to trust yourself no one else. 
  • When you worry about your cold, zombies, radiation, hunger, and hostile animals, the most important thing that you should be worried about is other players. 
  • Like you are a player in the game who is playing for his survival, similarly many other players are also playing this game to have a safe survival due to which they will try to harm you so that you won’t snatch their food or shelter for your safety. 
  • The Other players who are engaged in playing Rust will try to trap you and make you feel weak so that you get defeated and won’t have a safe survival. 
  • You should always pay attention to the major aspects and escape routes to experience a safe gameplay environment. Escaping routes play a major role as it allows you to have a fast escape from your enemies and other dangerous animals. 
  • Try to consider this tip to help you keep yourself safe in the game and allow you to have a safe surviving experience. Once you consider this tip, it will allow you to grab wonderful results with proper safety from dangerous animals and the players playing along with you.

Once you complete reading the information, it will help you enhance your knowledge about the various tips that can allow you to experience wonderful Rust gameplays. When you face difficulties in dealing with multiple situations, you can consider rust hacks as various cheats and hacks are established for your help and playing Rust safely.

The people who are new to the Rust playing environment then must consider all the tips properly so that they can have a better understanding with no doubts or queries involved. Try to stay focused so that you can experience a great gameplay environment with proper safety and security.

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