It’s a fact of life that computers run business today. It’s also true that most of us know how to use computers, but not maintain or repair them.

Just like cars, driving is the easy part; repairing them takes expertise and training we don’t have.

Few companies can afford to have computer techs on staff, so finding top-notch computer maintenance near me is good business.

When something goes wrong, it gets very expensive very quickly. Just ask Delta Air Lines, who lost $150 million during a five-hour computer outage.

Now you’re not Delta. You aren’t going to lose that much money if your computers go down. But a good computer service program will save you time, money, and headaches.

Let’s look at why having a good computer maintenance service near you is important. Here are three issues that might come up.

1. Avoid Big Problems Downstream

You just installed fancy new computers a few months ago, so you shouldn’t have any issues, right? Why would you wonder if there was a computer maintenance company nearby?

Because computer problems don’t care how new or old your equipment is. They can pop up at any time, on any machine, with hardware or software.

And the best way to avoid big problems later is to find small issues now. That’s what regular computer maintenance is designed to do – keep you up and running.

2. Get Your Computers Up To Speed

The files that keep your software running smoothly get slowly fragmented over time. That can dramatically slow down programs opening up and how quickly files load.

Complete defragmentation is something your computer maintenance folks know how to do quickly and thoroughly.

Running through a computer maintenance checklist, the techs will also make sure you have the latest drivers, security updates, and latest software installed. Outdated versions will frequently cause glitches and slow performance.

Freeing up disk space is also important. They can check for duplicate files, eliminate all of the hundreds of cookies that accumulate

3. Viruses and Malware

The folks who write viruses and malware like to disrupt business, corrupt files, and steal your data. Are your computers running more slowly? Is your email is doing wonky things? You could have a virus problem.

You might notice. You might not. Your computer maintenance pros will. And they can disinfect your computer without losing data in the process.

Every computer should have good antivirus software installed – and it needs to be kept up-to-date. Just because you should be fully protected, ignoring notices from antivirus programs is dangerous.

When a notice first comes up, that’s the time to call for computer service and have the pros take any recommended action.

Use It: Computer Maintenance Near Me

No matter what business you are in, your computers are vital to your day-to-day operations, right? If they crash, your business suffers.

The best way to avoid that is a regular maintenance program. And now’s the time to ask, is there computer maintenance near me?

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