Whether you are looking to increase your return on marketing, spend or redefine your brand identity, learning the importance of consistency in branding is essential.

Maintaining consistency in branding will help you to take your business to the next level, to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. This guide is here to help you better understand why consistency is so vital in branding.

What is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is the way in which your organization delivers its messages, defines customer experience, and creates its products. Consistency is a marketing approach that focuses on making sure that all of your efforts are aligned. That means that whether you are creating product labels or designing your website, your marketing efforts remain consistent.

Why is Brand Consistency So Important?

Consistency in branding is one of the most important approaches that you can take. The list below outlines some of the reasons why consistency is so influential in branding.

Consistency Builds Trust

Building trust is essential for winning sales and building relationships with customers. Trust has become increasingly important as consumer behavior has shifted onto the online marketplace.

Consistency in branding helps to build trust with consumers. This is because the most consistent your branding is, the more reliable you will appear to customers. This can help to incentivize first-time purchases, as consumers feel more comfortable. This can also facilitate deeper relationships, as customers feel able to get to know your brand on a more personal level.

Consistency Motivates Sales

As the previous point outlined, consistency in branding can help to motivate sales as first-time customers feel more comfortable trusting your brand. However, this is not the only way that brand consistency can increase sales.

Brand consistency can increase your sales as it allows your marketing efforts to become more powerful. It is the aim of branding to create an identity and an image that motivates loyalty.

Whether a customer aspires to your brand image, identifies with, or lusts after your brand, consistency can make these feelings stronger. Studies have found that 95% of purchasing decisions are made on subconscious motivators; branding consistency can be a very powerful technique.

It Increases Brand Awareness

Many digital marketing practices are focused on increasing brand awareness in order to expand your reach and potential customer base. However, if you don’t have consistency in branding, then your marketing efforts will only ever be limited.

It is unlikely that a customer will convert after just one exposure to your brand. It is likely that a customer will have been exposed to your brand, on average, seven times before they make a purchase. If every time a potential customer is being exposed to your brand, they are expecting inconsistency in branding, the time it takes to convert a customer will be significantly increased.

Having an easily identifiable brand that customers can trust and build a relationship with requires consistency in branding. In fact, brand consistency is one of the most influential marketing efforts for driving long-term business growth.

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