Are you considering listing your house? Whether selling immediately or soon, you want the resale value that lets you pocket a reasonable price. So, how can you improve the resale value? Check out the houses for sale in Kenya; you’ll notice a trend that can help you invest in suitable measures to enhance your house’s value. Here is a glance at some of the proven ways to improve the resale value of your house.


Not all remodel and renovations require a significant financial commitment. Some minor changes can enhance the home’s functionality without breaking the bank and improve the resale value. The kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage are among the top places to consider. The kitchen, for example, the most trafficked space in any home, can do with cabinets polish up and countertops upgrades, while flooring could suffice for the bathroom. Such features attract more buyers, helping you secure a reasonable price.

Decluttering the basement and making it a usable space adds to the square footage, improving the home’s value. The same goes for the garage, and you can kick it a notch higher by upgrading the door or revisiting the flooring. Decluttering won’t cost you a penny, but it requires getting your hands dirty. Nonetheless, it is a worthy task. With more space and practical remodels, your home provides more that captures the eye and heart of buyers, improving the selling price valuation.


Are you still using that old thermostat, lock, smoke detector, and lighting fixtures, to mention a few systems? Modern homes are efficient. For instance, you can control the HVAC even when you are miles away with a smart thermostat. Security systems, such as cameras and smart locks, make it easier to keep your home safe. With modern lighting fixtures, you’ll spend less on energy bills.

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness; what’s not to like about such a house? With the bonus of improving the resale value, upgrades are among the most effective measures to keep your home top shape.


No one wants to buy a home that’ll cost them a lot more in the long run. A well-maintained house is easier to run. From the foundation walls to roofing, such a house boast solid structural integrity, requiring little maintenance. The plumbing system, pest control, and cleaning are some maintenance aspects that can’t be emphasized enough.

Plumbing issues, for example, could lead to leaks that can ruin the foundation and walls while creating an optimum environment for mold infestation. Pest can also cause untold damages, and dirt is a no-brainer. A well-maintained house doesn’t only capture the eye. It inspires confidence as buyers know it won’t cause significant headaches over time, improving the house’s resale value, and who want to Sell My House Fast Garfield?

Curb appeal

Will buyers want to approach your house, or is it dull? Landscaping, a fresh coat, or replacing that old front door can significantly improve your house’s value. It is about creating the right first impression. An aesthetically appealing house attracts more buyers, making it easier to land a great deal.

The best part is that improving the curb appeal doesn’t cost that much. Landscaping, such as pruning, mowing, repairing the pavement, and replacing a few plants, can turn the space into a vibrant outdoors, yet you can DIY manage it. Paint isn’t that costly either, making curb improvement among the most affordable ways to improve the resale value of your house.

As you consider ways to improve your house’s resale value, look into what would make you love the property more. Buyers want a functional, efficient, aesthetically appealing, and easy-to-maintain property. With such in mind, you’ll easily evaluate your house, establish areas that could use some love, and invest in practical improvement measures that add value.

When it comes to increasing the resale value of your house, incorporating a summer kitchen can make a significant difference. Check out this inspiring article on summer kitchen ideas and designs to get started on transforming your outdoor space.

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