If you are using Instagram to market your brand or business, the perfect way for obtaining success is through your follower count first. If you reach more people on the platform, you can produce more sales. In this case, Instagram optimization plays a significant role.

Here are the perfect points for Instagram optimization that everyone needs to know before landing on the platform. Let’s dive in.

Why Is Instagram Optimization Important?

Instagram Optimization is so crucial because of the following points:

  • Instagram acquires over a billion active users, and thus you can reach everyone with the right SEO tactics on the platform.
  • Nearly two-thirds of platform users are below 35 years. It is an influential factor for businesses to make more sales.
  • People spend nearly 55 minutes on Instagram per day. It helps in increasing your engaging chances on the platform.
  • Over 85% of users are utilizing the platform to discover new services or products. It simply means that your Instagram brand content can help you to gain potential customers.

7 Key Strategies For Instagram Optimization

Here are the 7 perfect Instagram SEO key strategies to build your reach and discoverability on the platform:

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The search algorithm on Instagram is similar to the Google search function that showcases the top profiles depending on your search keyword. Here, keywords, accounts you follow, and user interactions matter well. Here are the better ideas to optimize your profile with primary keywords to showcase in top searches. 

Username and Name – Adding primary keywords in your username and name is a perfect way to showcase your profile in related searches. 

Bio – Also, your bio part is a perfect place to add your primary keywords. You can describe your brand or business here. 

Provide Keyword-Optimized Captions

You could only search for posts using location tags and hashtags on Instagram’s Explore Page. Additionally, Instagram provides a suggestion list for every user depending on their interactions and interests.

For instance, if you like bike-related content regularly, your Explore Page shows up the posts that align with your interest. Here’s where your captions come in.

Instagram’s Explore Page algorithm identifies particular accounts relevant to others depending on the various keywords mentioned in names, usernames, bio, and captions. That is why writing captions with related keywords builds your profile showcasing for relevant users on Explore Page. The platform tracks the keywords in your captions to analyze the topic interest that aligns with your profile.

Assume Hashtags As Your Keywords

Hashtags react like keywords on Instagram. It helps users to find relevant posts. If you search with a particular hashtag, it showcases every post tagged with a specific hashtag. So, it’s important to mention various hashtags related to your content in the posts so that you could get a target audience.

And also, don’t fill up your caption area with hashtags. You can provide nearly 30 hashtags to your posts, so pick up the right ones. You can experiment to find out the correct number for you. 

Don’t forget that the platform notifies account relevance and engagement into consideration while ranking your Instagram posts in the hashtag search result. In simple words, if your posts attain maximum engagement, it is more likely to showcase in hashtag searches.

Also, it is necessary to consider image quality, uploading time, etc., to engage your user more and develop content visibility. You want to upload high-quality content if you need to grab the user’s eye. Also, find out the perfect times for uploading posts through the Insights option and schedule your posts accordingly to attain higher engagement.

Bring Out The Alt Text

The platform acquires a great feature of getting alternative texts for your images elaborately. The algorithm does not read the pictures but the alternative texts, so it understands your pictures well and helps in ranking factors. 

Instagram automatically picks alt text for your pictures that might not be explained well, so ensure to edit this part to make your Instagram SEO more strong. On the uploading image screen, click the “Advanced Settings” option before sharing your image. Then, click the “Write Alt Text” below the Advanced settings. Here, you could give perfect alt text for your pictures with implementing a few primary keywords. After writing it, click “Save” and share your post.

Bring Tagging

Tagging other users is a great way to gain discoverability on the platform. When the audience tags your profile in their Instagram stories or posts, others can tap to view your profile. So, it’s a perfect strategy to get more audience if you are tagged more. 

For instance, you can encourage your audience to tag you with your products in their images to acquire a high reach. Also, you can repost it to your stories or in the feeds section to appreciate them. So that you can acquire automatic Instagram likes for social proof with massive visibility in a short time.

Additionally, you can run giveaways and promotions that involve your profile tagging. It’s a perfect way to build your tags because everyone likes to win something absolutely free. 

Build Genuine Visibility

If you are struggling to increase your visibility, then you could correct the fixes in black hat SEO tactics on Instagram. Don’t forget that these fixes are temporary ones. They won’t give trustable visibility on Instagram, which might hurt your process performance for a long time.

So, the platform cracked down on the accounts that employ mal tactics to increase visibility on Instagram. So, it is best to develop genuine visibility and reach even if it takes more effort and time. 

Monitor And Optimize

It is crucial to monitor your Instagram SEO to check the incorporated efforts are paying off. Audit your Instagram profile frequently to stay on the top. Start watching your Instagram performance to maintain every term on the platform correctly.

You can get your Insights option if you have an Instagram business account. Instagram Insights feature every detail for every individual post. Also, you can use many available analytics tools online to check out more analytics.

Final Words

Instagram provides you with every necessity to every user and business. Whether to bring up a successful brand and just being a small business on the platform is upon you. Bring more visibility on Instagram with solid SEO tactics and develop your brand awareness among your target audience. Utilize the above points and reach your business to the maximum audience on Instagram.

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