Hey Google, turn off the lights.

Anyone who has Google Home and smart lights know the drill. Commanding Alexa and Siri to lock the door, switch on the AC, and more is now becoming our second nature.

Do you know what brings us this luxury? Internet of Things. Just as it sounds, the Internet of Things is a network of physical objects (i.e.) things embedded with sensory technology to connect and exchange data leveraging the Internet.

Thanks to the fastest WiFi and amazing 5G and improvements in ML and AI, the digital transformation is advancing faster than the light, aiding The Internet of Things to deepen its roots in our industries and lives.

As 2021 promises to be another year of uncertainty, IoT technology, with more than 30 billion connected devices already, is set to deliver practical solutions to various complexities.

Let’s learn how these advancements are changing the world around us day over day.

Here’s a gist of how far we have come and how much further we have already planned for with IoT

We are already familiar with the concept of a Smart Home – Thanks to Google, and now the best IoT app development companies in Sydney are taking it a couple of steps ahead.

1. Smart city

Firms are taking this initiative to primarily improve the efficiency of the city, make it more sustainable, and ultimately improve the quality of life.

Let’s see how these IoT app Development companies possibly influence the entire city.

  • Air pollution – Climate change and air pollution are one of the major concerns of every urban resident. IoT with its specific settings can indicate the air pollution level. Furthermore, it also helps the government to maintain it by implementing a strict check on vehicles, industries, and other air pollution factors with its sensors.

Some IoT app development companies have already rolled out applications that efficiently monitor the air quality and transmit the data to a web server in real-time. The device consists of a microcontroller, pollutant detection sensors, and an LTE modem. It is used to measure various pollutants, temperatures, and humidity. Also you can use fixed gas detection technique for better security. 

The pollution challenge is here to stay for long. But the IoT clubbed with AI can enable cities with a cost-effective solution to measure pollution and improve our environment. Furthermore, these devices are designed to guide you with preventive actions leveraging smartphones and smartwatch applications when the air quality level exceeds threshold values.

The ultimate goal is to implement technology to help people better understand the problem and practice an outline to reverse the damage.

  • Traffic congestion – Connected traffic lights receive data regarding the incoming traffic from various directions and adjust the signal time in real-time, reducing road congestion. 

For instance, if a particular route has heavy traffic, the traffic signal will turn green for a longer period of time to prevent congestion. This isn’t something in the plan. New York City has already been benefiting from this.

With the implementation of the cameras and the sensors, travel time within the city has been reduced by 10%.

  • Smart waste management – IoT can significantly optimize collection services and reduce operational costs for cities. IoT app development companies work towards developing a solution that enables a data-driven collection process. 

The idea is to place sensors in waste receptacles to measure waste levels and notify collection services accordingly. Over time, the data can provide insights to optimize driver routes and schedules, reducing operational costs.

2. Better Healthcare

The Fitbit is one of the most used healthcare devices. We usually engage with it to count our steps and measure heart rate, but imagine the same situation for a diabetic. 

Did you know that 70% of the best-selling wearables belong to the health and wellness industry? In addition the healthcare industry is projected to increase revenue by more than 135 billion by 2025

Such a health tracking device is connected to your hospital and physician’s office. It would not only notify the hospital when the patient is at risk but also suggest preventive measures.

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Treatment
  • Faster Disease Diagnosis
  • Proactive Treatment
  • Drugs and Equipment Management
  • Error Reduction

The IoT in healthcare has been doing a tremendous job by tracking health conditions. IoT app development companies are constantly working to develop solutions that benefit multiple stakeholders at once.

Patients – for managing dietary and physical exercise regulations

Physicians – for providing immediate and apt treatment

Hospitals – for maintaining records

Healthcare insurance companies – for underwriting and claims

It is the custom mobile app development services alongside IoT app development companies that are changing the healthcare landscape with innovative healthcare devices. Implantable glucose monitoring systems, Ingestible Sensors, Medication Dispensers, trackable inhalers, wearables to fight depression are a few of the many.

Although, every innovation comes with its own set of pros and cons. With IoT primarily based on data, data security is extremely crucial.

3. Robust Businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beyond just the smart devices you use every day. Instead, IoT is revolutionizing how companies do business – allowing them to become faster, wiser, safer, and more efficient. 

As per research by Microsoft, more and more companies are planning to invest and adopt IoT.

Just as explained in the above image, businesses plan to yield multiple benefits leveraging IoT. IoT isn’t just a technology. It is a platform to grow and succeed. 

From helping employees be more productive to enabling companies to hire better resources, IoT paves the way with data-driven decisions. 

As per Statista, the total dollars spent on IoT solutions globally is anticipated to almost double in 2021, up to $418b from $248b. But, surprisingly, by the year 2025, that number is projected to be USD 1,567 billion. 

Despite its success, IoT is not without challenges. For IoT app development companies and companies looking to use IoT more, the roadblocks are often the same: complexity and technical challenges, security concerns, and lack of talent and training.

Tapping into more innovative technologies, trusting them to bring us all closer, help us take better care, the digital promise of our connected world with all its smart devices would not hold up without the trust we place in each other. Above ideating, it is the right companies who turn the entire plan into reality and make it accessible to the audience. 

Hence partnering with the right IoT app development company that believes in co-creating and synergy is crucial. Every piece of technology at its core boils down to the most humane aspects. After all, it is humans who create it.

So, how are you planning to contribute to this growth?

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