When you look at Among Us, there is no doubt that the game at hand has garnered immense popularity. It has become a famous game among kids and adults alike to have been installed in 2020. The game calls for high-quality fun, and at times, has even made it fun being an imposter. However, this game is worth the admiration and the love it has received. This game, initially released in 2018, has now become the center of fame!

This game has made an impact on everyone. Being an imposter, in reality, can be scary, but in the fantasy world, it can be pretty fun. You have the power to be the Killer of your Crewmates too! Moreover, it has three maps with regards to the game’s mechanics, and a fourth one is in the development phase. It is expected to be released soon!

Among Us helps you enjoy an exhilarating fight and aids you in becoming a winner! There are dual sides to this game. Firstly, you can either be the imposter or a member of the Crewmates. However, it isn’t possible to be both. Furthermore, you can’t become an imposter by your own choice either.

What this requires is luck, and of course, a few hacks and tips to help you. In every match, there cannot be more than two imposters. You will also benefit from the information provided on those Imposters before the commencement of the game.

Your job as an Imposter is to make sure that you either end up killing the Crewmate or can sabotage the ship they are on. However, when it comes to being a Crewmate, you have to ensure that your ship remains protected from the Imposters in all the missions.

Furthermore, when you are an imposter, you must work alongside your teammate and make sure that you operate the game with an IQ of 1000. Moreover, you have to be diligent and are supposed to consider everyone. Lastly, you have to tail them throughout the match but simultaneously succeed in your missions too!

Is Among Us a Free Game

Now, many people inquire whether it is free to play Among Us on PC. The answer here is in the affirmative. You don’t have to spend on the game and can play as much as you want to with the assistance of your PC. However, what you will require is an emulator that will aid you in playing the Among Us game on the PC.

Here, Android Emulators are a huge help because they make it easy for anyone to access the game on the PC without the worry of consuming high storage. Here, you can end up maximizing your potential and outperform other players with the help of the LDPlayer, which is a powerful Android Emulator!

Why should you choose LDPlayer for Among Us on PC?

If you compare the LDPlayer with other emulators that exist, you must have noticed a difference. There are game-boosting apps, but they don’t entertain gaming sessions via the PC. Who would’ve thought it would have been possible to download the games such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG, etc., on a PC? Only the LDPlayer is an emulator that makes all of the above possible and much more!

A few of the most outstanding achievements of LDPlayer are as follows:

  • It is the world’s first Android Emulator that could cater to the game PUBG mobile immediately a week after its release. On the other hand, the other emulators experienced many problems and even ended up crashing, but the LDPlayer endured!

achievements of LDPlayer

  • The LDPlayer is also the only Android emulator that has three stores within it. It consists of the Google Play Store, the LD Store, and the Uptodown Store. These stores mentioned above have tons and tons of applications that you can install on the PC.

The best part about all of the above is that it is free, and therefore no payments have to be made either!

Some of the LDPlayer’s features are:

  • It has a UI system that is highly easy to use.
  • LDPlayer also offers Macro, a 120FPS, high-quality graphics, a performance that is far from subpar, and much more.
  • You also have the option of a “Gamer Oriented” feature, which in turn aids in enhancing the gaming session that you have and makes sure that your PC remains out of harm’s way.

How to download Among Us on PC?

It is highly convenient to download the Among US game on PC. You have to be mindful of a few steps, and the rest will all fall in place!

  • Firstly, install and then run the LDPlayer.
  • Make sure you have a Google account.
  • Register with that account by signing into it.
  • You have the option to go to one of the three stores in the LDPlayer.
  • There, you will search “Among Us” in the search engine.
  • You will then install the game!

The process is just that simple and easy to follow! You don’t have to pay for the game, and you can enjoy it for an unlimited time.

download Among Us on PC


In a nutshell, Among Us is free on PC, and you have the LDPlayer to thank for that. No matter how low-end your PC may be, the LDPlayer is here as a savior to alleviate your gaming fears and help you make an impact in the game! You won’t have to experience any heating of your system or glitches and lags when you have the LDPlayer around you!

You can undoubtedly spend hours playing Among Us, and we assure you that they will not be in vain! You will be able to have an experience of a lifetime! Join the world of Among Us by downloading the game via the LDPlayer, and brace yourselves for an exciting adventure!

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